From railways to marine environments and architectural structures, it is the mechanical properties that make Larcore aluminium honeycomb panels suitable for a range of applications.

In this article, we will take a closer look at exactly what these properties are, why the aluminium honeycomb panels are beneficial and how they can be used.

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What are Larcore aluminium honeycomb panels?

Larcore aluminium honeycomb panels are a type of composite panel that are intended for use within transport and industry. They are a lightweight sandwich panel solution that can be used in trains, ships, lifts, aircraft and buses. The structure of the aluminium honeycomb panel is designed to be very lightweight and rigid, and that makes it suitable for so many applications in various sectors.

It isn’t just these qualities that composite Larcore aluminium honeycomb panels offers. In the next section, we will take a look at all of the mechanical properties of the material which makes them a market-leading product.

What are the mechanical properties of Larcore panels?

Larcore aluminium honeycomb panels have a wide range of mechanical properties which make them perfect for a wide range of applications.

Support compressive loads and tension

Larcore aluminium panels can be referred to as sandwich panels or composite panels, consisting of two thin skins or sheets of material which enclose a honeycomb core. This structure gives Larcore aluminium panels the ability to support compressive loads and tension – an important feature for fulfilling a broad variety of roles in construction from lifts to lorries, trains and buses in the transport system, clean rooms in fabrication plants, an in aeroplanes.

Stiffness and strength

Stiffness and strength are two other key properties that allow Larcore aluminium honeycomb panels to serve more purposes; carrying more weight and offering a long working life.

Low weight

Another much-valued quality of an aluminium honeycomb panel is their significantly low weight. The key to this low weight is that it does not have a negative impact on the strength of the product. It is true that the honeycomb structure is not the lightest on the market but, with their relatively low weight, the panels are proven to be much stronger than other panels.

Reaction to fire Classification

Larcore aluminium honeycomb panels achieve classification A2 when tested against standard EN 13501-1.


Following on from the point above, the light weight of a honeycomb panel doesn’t result in a compromise on rigidity either. It is thanks to the honeycomb structure that this rigidity can be achieved, and it is this impressive strength to weight ration that makes the product a market leader, offering the necessary rigidity and stability that is required in high specification industries.


Larcore aluminium panels are noted for their exceptional level of flatness, and this is valued when being used in a number of different industries. This flatness is achieved thanks to the continuous manufacturing process and the material used in production.


Larcore aluminium honeycomb panels are made from aluminium which makes them completely recyclable. Not only can being recyclable fit with the corporate social responsibility agendas of organisations of different sizes, but it can also offer the possibility of reduced overheads on wastage.

What do these properties make the panels suitable for?

Let’s have a look at how the mechanical properties of Larcore aluminium honeycomb panels make them suitable for particular applications.

Marine applications

Minimising the weight of ships above the waterline can have a number of advantages; both in terms of safety and shortening the duration of journeys. The aluminium sandwich composition of Larcore honeycomb panels make them perfect for this.

In addition to being lightweight, they are non-combustible which is another benefit in marine environments. But, that’s not all, they are also corrosion and moisture resistant, another key facet in marine settings to prevent the growth of fungi and mould on a vessel.

All of these qualities make Larcore aluminium honeycomb panels a favoured option in the construction of ships; from cruise ships to lifeboats, ferries and yachts.


Another sector in which it is beneficial to reduce load is aviation. This is where Larcore panels come in, with their combination of light weight and rigidity proving a winner in the creation of aircraft. But it is also their thermal efficiency that gives them the ability to stand up to fluctuations in temperature that are experienced in high altitude, high-speed flights.

How is this temperature resistance achieved? It is down to the hexagonal cellular structure that offers air layers between the skins, preventing airflow and the transmission of heat. Aluminium honeycomb core panels are used in aviation applications from onboard equipment to propellers.

Bespoke furniture manufacturers

With a range of benefits including light weight and rigidity, it naturally follows that Larcore panels can also prove their worth in the production of bespoke furniture; offering performance and versatility. The adaptable nature of the product means that it can also be used for a base material to support stone, granite and ceramic facing materials for worktops and furniture.

Why choose Panel Systems as a supplier?

So, why should you select Panel Systems as a supplier of Larcore aluminium honeycomb core panels? There are several reasons why we are the preferred choice of many organisations:

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