Styroglaze is an insulated infill panel comprising Plastisol steel bonded to each face of a Styrofoam core. Styroglaze panels are typically specified for use in PVC window infill areas for Social housing, Schools, Domestic and high rise building applications.



There are significant changes underway in the supply of Styrofoam the market leading extruded polystyrene. During 2018 Dow Chemical will cease the manufacture of blue Styrofoam and replace with a new improved product called Xenergy Styrofoam. This product will be grey in colour and offer the same mechanical properties but will provide improved thermal performance. The process of winding down stocks of blue Styrofoam is already underway with some grades already exhausted such as RTM, these will be supplied in the new improved grade of Xenergy. Other grades will be phased in over coming months. Full technical data sheets on the new improved product are available to download here and here.

Styroglaze – An insulated infill panel comprising plastisol steel bonded to a core of Styrofoam, Stryroglaze is a cost-effective pre-finished insulated panel for all glazing systems. 27 leathergrain finishes are available. Styroglaze’s low maintenance surface gives excellent durability against UV light and Class ‘1’ performance against surface spread of flame.

  • Supplied to bespoke sizes
  • A variety of edge details are available to suit all glazing systems
  • Over 20 standard colours available to choose from
  • U Values as low as 0.15 W/M2K can be achieved





Composite panel U Value
U Value required (W/M2K)
Styrofoam LBH (Standard grade) 22mm24mm27mm33mm36mm67mm76mm88mm104mm126mm160mm215mm
Styrofoam LBA (BREEAM applications) 22mm24mm27mm33mm36mm67mm76mm90mm106mm135mm--
Styrofoam RTM (For optimum U Value) ---25mm30mm50mm60mm75mm80mm100mm120mm-
Phenolic Foam --18mm21mm23mm43mm50mm56mm66mm80mm100mm132mm
Polisocyanirate (PIR) 17mm19mm22mm26mm28mm53mm60mm69mm81mm100mm125mm150mm
Lamella Mineral Fibre 27mm30mm34mm41mm44mm83mm94mm110mm130mm160mm200mm270mm

Composite Panel insulation core selection data table

Performance Criteria Styrofoam® LBH Styrofoam® RTM Styrofoam® LB-A PhenolicMineral fibre Lamella Polyisocyanurate (PIR)
LPCB recognised option available
BREEAM compliant option available
Fire resisting properties
Fire retardant additive
Solid PVC Edge spacer required
CFC & HCFC Free option
Acoustic / Sound reducing properties
Approx Thermal Conductivity (K Value) 0.0330.0250.0360.0210.0410.026
Density (Kg/M3) 3340323710533
Compressive Strength (KPA) 30040030015040210
Reaction to fire (DIN 4102) B1B1B1B2A1B2
Class 'O' to building regs NoNoNoYesYes

Typical Edge details

sq1SQ.1 Square edge
tr1TR.1 Tray with flange
tr1aTR.1a Tray with hard edge
sq2SQ.2 Square edge and taped
rb1RB.1 Rebated edge
sq3SQ.3 Square edge with solid edge surround
sq5SQ.5 Square edge with impact resistant layer
tr1bTR.1b Tray with impact resistant layer
tr1cTR.1c Tray with extended face returned on edge
tr3TR.3 To suit single glazing
tr4TR.4 Double tray
tr4aTR.4a Double tray with hard edge
tr5TR.5 Pressure/water resistant trayed panel
tr5aTR.5a Pressure/water resistant trayed panel with hard edge