Panel Systems are proud suppliers of Larcore Aluminium honeycomb panels, produced by Alucoil. Panels are supplied from stock at our factory in Sheffield and can be delivered throughout the UK and beyond.

Through a proprietary continuous manufacturing process, Alucoil produces its structural aluminium honeycomb panel Larcore to suit numerous applications including transport, industrial, marine, ships, trains, elevators, buses and aircraft.

Larcore panels are an extremely lightweight and rigid product that are fireproof, non-toxic, recyclable, insulating, and energy efficient. After an intensive R&D effort, Alucoil has managed to combine the natural qualities of the honeycomb structure with its industrial experience in the manufacturing of structural metal panels, obtaining a final product capable of offering complete solutions for diverse project requirements.

Larcore is a panel formed by two aluminium skins bonded to an aluminium honeycomb core, forming a final structure with ideal properties for transport and industry applications. It is made of aluminium, a fully recyclable metal. The continuous production process allows the achievement of large panel dimensions with stable and uniform values of adherence, flatness and resistance which are essential properties when using Larcore panels in a variety of applications.

Larcore panels are manufactured from a 3/8” (9,52mm) / 70μ aluminium honeycomb faced each side with 1mm primed aluminium. All panels are supplied with a removable protective film to the external face. Note: 6 & 10mm panels have a 0.5mm internal face.

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