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Reduce energy consumption and create warmer rooms using Styroliner insulated dry-liner boards. Styrofoam extruded polystyrene is factory-bonded to plasterboard to create a simple yet cost-effective solution that is incredibly easy to install.

GroupProductLength (mm)Width (mm)Thickness (mm)Unit of SaleMin. Qty.PriceCodeQuantityAdd to Cart
Styroliner TEM2400120027Each10 £29.65 013523
Styroliner TEM2400120035Each10 £35.45 017320
Styroliner TEM2400120040Each10 £39.60 017322
Styroliner TEM2400120048Each10 £43.30 017323
Styroliner TEM2400120060Each10 £51.20 017321
Styroliner TEM2400120085Each10 £67.50 013530
Styroliner SEM2400120027Each10 £28.65 013533
Styroliner SEM2400120035Each10 £34.45 013534
Styroliner SEM2400120040Each10 £38.60 013535
Styroliner SEM2400120048Each10 £42.30 013536
Styroliner SEM2400120060Each10 £50.20 017277
Styroliner SEM2400120085Each10 £66.50 013540

Styroliner TEM

ProductLength (mm)Width (mm)Thickness (mm)Unit of SaleMin. Qty.PriceCodeQuantity
Styroliner TEM2400120027Each10 £29.65 013523
Styroliner TEM2400120035Each10 £35.45 017320
Styroliner TEM2400120040Each10 £39.60 017322
Styroliner TEM2400120048Each10 £43.30 017323
Styroliner TEM2400120060Each10 £51.20 017321
Styroliner TEM2400120085Each10 £67.50 013530

Minimum Quantity: 10

Styroliner SEM

ProductLength (mm)Width (mm)Thickness (mm)Unit of SaleMin. Qty.PriceCodeQuantity
Styroliner SEM2400120027Each10 £28.65 013533
Styroliner SEM2400120035Each10 £34.45 013534
Styroliner SEM2400120040Each10 £38.60 013535
Styroliner SEM2400120048Each10 £42.30 013536
Styroliner SEM2400120060Each10 £50.20 017277
Styroliner SEM2400120085Each10 £66.50 013540

Minimum Quantity: 10

There are significant changes underway in the supply of Styrofoam the market leading extruded polystyrene. During 2018 Dow Chemical will cease the manufacture of blue Styrofoam and replace with a new improved product called Xenergy Styrofoam. This product will be grey in colour and offer the same mechanical properties but will provide improved thermal performance. The process of winding down stocks of blue Styrofoam is already underway with some grades already exhausted such as RTM, these will be supplied in the new improved grade of Xenergy. Other grades will be phased in over coming months. Full technical data sheets on the new improved product are available to download here and here.

Styroliner® is an insulated dry lining board that is used to create warmer rooms and reduce energy consumption. Styroliner is constructed from Styrofoam extruded polystyrene (EPS), which is faced with plasterboard.  It provides a simple and cost effective solution to insulating walls and is suitable for both refurbishments and new build applications.

The benefits:

  • Low thermal conductivity
  • High resistance to moisture
  • Long term effective insulation
  • Class ‘O’ to Building Regulations
  • Eco grade foam available with ODP of zero and GWP of one

Easy to fit insulated wall board

Styroliner provides a simple and cost-effective solution to insulating walls. lt is suitable for refurbishment and new build applications. Styroliner comprises plasterboard bonded to a backing of Styrofoam to provide an effective, energy saving wall insulation board

The styrofoam insulation backing is a blue extruded polystyrene which combines low thermal conductivity and a high resistance to moisture to ensure permanent long-term insulation. Styrofoam is CFC and HCFC free and has an Ozone depletion potential (ODP) of zero.

Styroliner boards are supplied in a standard sheet size of 2400 x 1200mm and are available in 5 overall thicknesses: 27, 35, 40, 48, 60 & 85mm.

Panel Systems Ltd has been manufacturing thermal laminates in Sheffield for over 35 years. We pride ourselves on our high level of quality & service and all our products are manufactured to British Standard BS EN 9001:2000.


  • Styroliner is CFC + HCFC free and has zero ozone depletion potential


  • The Plasterboard face has a class 1 surface spread of flame to BS476:Part 7:1987

Styroliner SEM – for use where the board is skimmed with plaster, or finished with Artex, Styroliner TEM – for use where joints are to be taped and filled, Styroliner TEM, Styroliner SEM

Length (mm)


Width (mm)


Thickness (mm)

27, 35, 40, 48, 60, 85

Unit of Sale


Min. Qty.

8, 10


Styroliner product selection table

Overall thicknessBoard SizeWeight per boardBoards per palletm2 per palletTHERMAL RESISTANCE (M2K/W)
27mm2400 x 1200mm19.7 kg37106.60.76
35mm2400 x 1200mm20.4 kg2983.51
40mm2400 x 1200mm20.9 kg25721.15
48mm2400 x 1200mm21.6 kg2160.51.4
60mm2400 x 1200mm22.7 kg17491.76
85mm2400 x 1200mm25.1 kg1234.62.52

Specification ClauseThe wall insulation shall be Styroliner 2400mmx1200mmx40mm, overall thickness ___mm. Manufactured by Panel Systems and installed in accordance with the Manufacturers instructions.Technical Specification

Styroliner consists of Gyproc 9.5 mm thick plasterboard manufactured to BS 1230 : Part 1 : 1985(1994) factory bonded to various thicknesses of LB grade extruded polystyrene Styrofoam board.

The boards comprise decorative faced, square edge wallboard for direct decoration. A grey paper-faced, square-edge board is also available for use where a plaster finish is required. The nominal standard sizes are given below:

Physical Properties

Board Properties
Weight6.9 - 8.7 kg/m2
Water Vapour Resistivity100 - value
Thermal Conductivity
Plasterboard0.19 W/mK
Styrofoam0.033 W/mK
Compressive Strength
Styrofoam300 KN/m2K


The conversion of garages into a living space is a growing trend. Transforming the garage floor is made simple by the use of Styroliner fixed directly to the walls and ceiling. One simple operation to fit insulation and just apply your chosen covering for a complete wall insulation board and final finish.

Styroliner can be fixed to the underside of rafters to improve energy saving in the loft space.

New Build and Renovation
The design of wall constructions to achieve Part L of the Building Regulations is easily achieved when specifying Styroliner. A combination of cavity filled insulation and Styroliner boards can achieve high performing thermal values.


What size is Styroliner?
Styroliner is 2400mm in length by 1200mm wide. Approx 8ft by 4ft. Special sizes are available on request

What is the weight of Styroliner?
Each Styroliner panel weighs between 6.8kg/m2 – 8.7kg/m2

What thickness of Styroliner is required?
This will depend on two important factors. If the project is subject to Building Regulations then there will be a need to achieve a certain thermal performance i.e. U value. In this case, refer to our Insulation Properties section. If the project is not subject to Building Regulations then you can choose whatever thickness you can accommodate in your construction. The thicker the panel the higher the level of energy saving.

Is the product BBA approved?
Styroliner is BBA approved, certificate No 86/1602. Panel Systems is also approved to BS EN ISO 9001:2000 certificate no. 22174

Is Styroliner resistant to moisture?
The Styrofoam backing is a closed cell foam and therefore resistant to moisture.

Can I decorate Styroliner boards?
Yes, the boards are faced with square edged plasterboard which can be decorated or skimmed with plaster.

Can I use Styroliner in both New Build and Restoration projects?Yes, Styroliner is suitable to use in all types of applications. Please download the Styroliner PDF for guidance.

What is a ‘U’ value?
A ‘U’ value is the measurement of heat transmission through a material or assembly of materials. The U value of a material is a gauge on how well heat passes through the material and the lower the U value, the greater the resistance to heat and therefore has a better insulating value. The U value is generally used in the building and construction industry to specify assemblies of components which provide a suitable insulation and energy efficiency value. U-Value is expressed in units of W/m2 and relates to the amount of heat lost in watts (W) per square metre of material.

What U value does Styroliner achieve?
Please call our technical helpline on 0114 249 5626 for direct advise relating to U value calculations

How are the boards fixed to my wall or ceiling?
Please see the installation page for details on how Styroliner is installed.

Where can I buy the adhesive and fixings?
Both the Gyproc multi purpose adhesive and nailable plugs are available to buy from your local DIY / builders merchant.

Delivery & Collection

What is the minimum order quantity?
The minimum order qty is 4 boards (of the same thickness)

How much does delivery cost?The delivery charge is dependant on your location. Please enter your postcode whilst on the order pages for an accurate price.

Are there discounts for large volumes?Yes, for enquiries in excess of 100m2, please contact us with your enquiry on 0114 249 5626 or

How is Styroliner packaged?
Styroliner is supplied on a timber pallet and shrink wrapped with a heavy gauge polythene protection.

How is Styroliner delivered?
Styroliner will arrive on a commercial vehicle. Where small quantities are required then off-loading manually is likely. For larger volumes, on-site forklift facilities will be required. Special vehicles e.g. Hiab, can be prearranged with our sales office for an additional charge. Give us a call on 0114-2495626.

What is the likely delivery time on Styroliner?
Delivery is normally within 7-10 days of placing your order.

Can I prearrange a delivery day and/or time?
Yes. Please contact our sales office on 0114-2495626 who will be able to provide full details.

Will you supply Styroliner outside mainland Britain?
Yes. Contact our sales office for details 0114-2495626

Can Styroliner be collected?
Yes, from our depot situated 2 minutes from Junction 31, M1. See the map on our contact page for more detail. When purchasing from our online shop, you may also select the option to either collect or have your order delivered anywhere in UK mainland.

Can Styroliner be purchased locally?
We do supply a range of builders merchants however we recommend that you contact our sales office for additional information.
Panel Systems

Where is Styroliner manufactured?
Styroliner is manufactured in Sheffield UK. Styrofoam insulation is manufactured in Kings Lyn Norfolk by Dow Chemical Co. The chipboard is manufactured in Scotland.

Can I open a trade account?
Yes. Complete our online credit application form and we will respond in 24hrs. Other payment methods include credit card through our simple on line buying section or by contacting our Sales Office on 0114-2495626.

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