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Styroloft boards are the insulating alternative to chipboard to create a walkway or storage space whilst allowing maximum energy savings to be made.

GroupProductLength (mm)Width (mm)Thickness (mm)Unit of SaleMin. Qty.PriceCodeQuantityAdd to Cart
Styroloft120040018Each20 £9.50 016152
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ProductLength (mm)Width (mm)Thickness (mm)Unit of SaleMin. Qty.PriceCodeQuantity
Styroloft120040018Each20 £9.50 016152
Styroloft120040050Each20 £13.50 016526
Styroloft120040080Each20 £14.50 017380
Styroloft1200400115Each20 £20.50 017381

Minimum Quantity: 20

There are significant changes underway in the supply of Styrofoam the market leading extruded polystyrene. During 2018 Dow Chemical will cease the manufacture of blue Styrofoam and replace with a new improved product called Xenergy Styrofoam. This product will be grey in colour and offer the same mechanical properties but will provide improved thermal performance. The process of winding down stocks of blue Styrofoam is already underway with some grades already exhausted such as RTM, these will be supplied in the new improved grade of Xenergy. Other grades will be phased in over coming months. Full technical data sheets on the new improved product are available to download here and here.

Styroloft is manufactured from birch plywood, which is bonded to both faces of Styrofoam extruded polystyrene insulation.  It is available in thicknesses ranging from 18mm to 115mm and at 50mm it provides 15 times greater energy efficiency than standard 18mm chipboard.  Styroloft boards provide contractors with a compliant solution which will help to reduce heat loss through the loft space, as well as providing a robust surface that can be walked on, or used for storage.

The boards provide the ideal solution as they are lightweight, weighing less than 3kg each, and can be easily cut on site with no need for specialist equipment or skills.  This makes it easy to lift the boards through the loft hatch with no need to cut into smaller pieces. The boards can also be butted together to give a smooth and even surface.

The product is compatible with CITB-Construction Skills’ ‘General Requirements for the Installation of Loft Insulation’ which states that timber or flooring grade chipboard with a minimum thickness of 18mm should be installed above existing insulation material, if a walkway or storage space is required.

Styroloft is a durable, long term solution, as its Styrofoam core is resistant to moisture and will not deteriorate, like some other materials.

Styroloft loft insulation and Storage

Styroloft is a loft insulation energy saving panel, can be used as an alternative to chipboard when boarding your loft. Styroloft is designed as a lightweight loft lining subject to low level foot traffic. In the main it allows you to board your loft to provide a storage area. Most customers use Styroloft when topping up their loft insulation with fibre rolls. It is suitable for use as a light use domestic flooring panel.Lay Styroloft over joists to create a smooth storage are, and top up your domestic energy performance to the recommended level.


  • Reduce heat loss through your loft space
  • Reduce heating bills
  • Provide an excellent base for storage or additional insulation
  • Suitable base for lightweight foot traffic
  • High quality birch plywood finish
  • Compact size
  • Choice of four thickness for extra insulation


Available in 4 thickness’s, Styroloft is is delivered to your door with all fitting screws, ready for you to do it yourself and is an excellent base for topping up your loft insulation.  Styroloft loft insulation boards provide all all-in-one storage and insulation solution.



Length (mm)


Width (mm)


Thickness (mm)

18, 50, 80, 115

Unit of Sale


Min. Qty.

10, 20


 Thickness (mm)Panel
Deflection (mm) *
Weight (Kg/M2)Thermal
Resistance (M2/kW)
Styroloft 18182.25.80.4
Styroloft 50500.47.21.5
Styroloft 80800.27.92.4
Styroloft 1151150.19.03.4
(*) Based on a uniform load of 150kg/m2 on a span of 600mm


  • Fitted over timber joists in brick pattern
  • The spacing between timbers should not exceed 600mm
  • A minimum of two opposite edges must be fully supported on the joists
  • The panel should preferably be screwed to the joists with a minimum of four screws per panel
  • Each panel is butted up to the next panel with each edge supported by a minimum of 15mm on the joist.  Each board covered 0.48sqm

Styroloft panels can be cut with standard cutting tools including handsaws.  To ensure a clean edge the panel must be firmly held during the cutting operation.  Styroloft is now ready to provide storage or support additional mineral fibre insulation.

Styroloft is designed as a lightweight loft lining subject to low level of foot traffic. It is not suitable for use as a domestic flooring panel.

Styroloft helps you offset your carbon emissions; each time you heat your home, CO2 is added to the atmosphere.  Considering products such as loft boards and mineral fibre rolls to the recommended energy performance levels helps offset the CO2 in the atmosphere by the same amount as your activities add.  In this way you can ‘neutralise’ or ‘balance’ the CO2 you have created in your everyday life.

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