Panel Systems’ Aluminium honeycomb panels have a variety of applications and are a fundamental component for usage in a multitude of systems and industries. They are vital for aviation, buses and the marine industry.

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What are aluminium honeycomb panels?

Aluminium honeycomb panels are a type of composite sandwich panel with a honeycomb core and two outer skins. These composite panels are rigid yet have a high strength-to-weight ratio. They can be used in their natural form or finished with a variety of different outer skins or colour coatings.

Their mechanical properties result in favourable strength when a low weight is also required, making them suitable for high-specification industries.

Aluminium honeycomb is resistant to moisture, corrosion and mould, so they are ideally suited for use in tightly enclosed or humid spaces. Furthermore, the honeycomb material boasts exceptional thermal efficiency, meaning that they work well in conditions with rapid and extreme temperature changes. The honeycomb cells offer sound insulating properties, making the aluminium honeycomb panels highly versatile in their uses.

The aluminium honeycomb sandwich panel produced is also available in various thicknesses from 6 to 40mm and dimensions depending on the requirements for their use, so they are incredibly adaptable.

The aluminium honeycomb manufacturing process

The aluminium honeycomb manufacturing process is a complex process that involves several steps and dedication to achieve a high-quality end product. However, the flexibility in the process means that it can be specifically tailored to meet client needs.

How are they made?

The step in the manufacturing process occurs when an aluminium sheet passes through a printer so that it can print alternating and parallel adhesive lines on the aluminium. Following this, the foil is cut down to the desired size and stacked.

Once stacked, a heated press is used to allow for solidification of the adhesive and to securely fuse the sheets of aluminium together into a honeycomb block.

At this point in the process, the block can be cut into the required dimensions and thickness, depending on the needs of your project and how the product will be used.

The final stage is the expansion of the block to create a honeycomb structure, and this finalises the manufacturing process. The panels are then fitted with a face sheet on either side, the material differs depending on the material that best suits your needs.

Mechanical properties of Larcore aluminium honeycomb panels

The mechanical properties of aluminium honeycomb panels is important to understand before specifying for your project.

  • Lightweight: the honeycomb core provides an extremely lightweight panel and the sandwich structure provides an exceptional strength to weight ratio.
  • Rigid: Thanks to the way the honeycomb structure is created during the manufacturing process, the panels are rigid, firm and reliably stable.
  • Excellent thermal efficiency: the hexagonal cellular structure within the inside of the panels prevents heat from being transmitted through the panel. This should not be confused with heat resistance. During the manufacturing process of the sandwich panel, layers of air form between each skin and reduces the chances of heat conductivity.
  • Resistant to corrosion: As the aluminium honeycomb core is resistant to moisture, the risk of corrosion is significantly reduced. Due to this moisture resistance, any environment which could promote fungal growth is also prevented. Therefore, the panels will ensure even harsh conditions without submitting to corrosion or mould growth, spoiler them and reducing their lifespan.
  • Panel Surface: Larcore panels have a primed aluminium surface on both sides as standard. For larger projects, Larcore panels can be supplied with factory applied powder coated finishes
  • Excellent thickness tolerance: This can be as low as 0.2mm when necessary.
  • Variety of thicknesses and sizes: Due to the manufacturing process, thickness and the size of the honeycomb cells can be easily varied, resulting in extreme flexibility when it comes to the size and thickness of this product. Larcore is available 6 to 40mm thick and in a standard sheet size of 3120 x 1500mm. Bespoke sizes are available up to 6250 x 1500mm
  • Reaction to fire classification: Larcore Panels achieve classification A2 when tested to EN 13501-1
  • Suitable for sound insulation: The core of the aluminium honeycomb panels prevents the transmission of sound through the material and reflects the soundwaves rather than conducting them. This allows it to act as a formidable insulator against noise.

Applications for aluminium honeycomb panels

  • Aviation: An aircraft needs to be as light as possible when flying whilst still being sturdy and robust. Aluminium honeycomb has both of these properties, allowing air-bound transport to travel further distances. Since this material can also withstand temperature and weather fluctuations, it can endure and withstand the harsh conditions that air crafts face.
  • Lifts: A fantastic choice for lift panels, aluminium honeycomb is strong, rigid and easy to fit.
  • Marine industry: For maximum buoyancy, seafaring vessels need to minimise their weight and aluminium honeycomb has all the necessary properties to so that while still providing dependability.
  • Buses, trains and lorries: Whenever a combination of sturdiness and lightness is needed, aluminium honeycomb can be used. In the transportation industry, the demand for these properties in materials makes utilising this honeycomb structure a simple and easy choice.
  • Clean rooms: Aluminium honeycomb is highly resistant to mould or fungus and quick and simple to clean or sterilise, so it’s a fantastic option for clean rooms.

Choosing Panel Systems as a supplier of aluminium honeycomb panels

Aluminium honeycomb panels are available from Panel Systems for all needs, requirements and industries.

In-house CAD design

The Panel Systems team utilises an in-house computer-aided design (CAD) service. Each composite panel we provide can be cut, drilled, shaped and designed to meet your needs perfectly.

Capability to manage large projects

Whatever the size or scale of the project, Panel Systems has the capability to manage it. We welcome large and bespoke projects and can tailor the product according to your requirements. As aluminium honeycomb is a versatile product, our team of experts can cut the materials to size and thickness that you desire, giving you flexibility in your own engineering projects.

Skilled team

Our team can help with design, production and logistics, so you can have confidence that you will receive the highest grade of aluminium honeycomb panels as well as expert advice.

Operating since 1974

We have been serving satisfied customers since 1974 and continue to maintain the highest level of service and exceed our clients’ expectations with the exceptional quality of our products. Our products are distributed and used globally.

Please contact our experienced team to find out more about aluminium honeycomb panels and how Panel Systems can help.