XEnergy RTM Plus


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XEnergy RTM Plus is the recommended XPS core material in sandwich panels for walls, roofs and floors of refrigerated vehicles, cold stores, and containers. Renowned for its exceptional thermal performance, high compressive strength, and low water absorption, XEnergy is the preferred choice of insulation for manufacturers in this market.

  • Low thermal conductivity
  • Available in thicknesses from 25 – 120mm
  • High compressive strength-to-weight ratio
  • High resistance to water penetration
  • RTM is supplied with grooved surfaces to help achieve excellent bond strength to a variety of facing materials.
  • Supplied from stock in our Sheffield warehouse
  • Sheets can be supplied hot-wire cut to bespoke thicknesses and re-grooved upon  on request.
  • We offer a full 5-Axis CNC machining service, where surface routing is required. We can accept customers own drawings in a variety of formats.
GroupProductLength (mm)Width (mm)Thickness (mm)Unit of SaleMin. Qty.PriceCodeQuantityAdd to Cart
Xenergy RTM Plus250060025Pack (16 Brds/24m2)4 £128.50 024751
Xenergy RTM Plus250060030Pack (14 Brds/21m2)4 £134.00 024906
Xenergy RTM Plus250060035Pack (12 Brds/18m2)4 £131.75 024756
Xenergy RTM Plus250060040Pack (10 Brds/15m2)4 £125.75 024757
Xenergy RTM Plus250060050Pack (8 Brds/12m2)4 £113.50 024827
Xenergy RTM Plus250060060Pack (7 Brds/10.5m2)4 £118.75 024759
Xenergy RTM Plus250060075Pack (5 Brds/7.5m2)4 £108.00 024858
Xenergy RTM Plus250060080Pack (5 Brds/7.5m2)4 £113.50 024760
Xenergy RTM Plus2500600100Pack (4 Brds/6m2)4 £113.50 024761
Xenergy RTM Plus2500600120Pack (3 Brds/4.5m2)4 £104.20 025399

Xenergy RTM Plus (with grooved faces)

ProductLength (mm)Width (mm)Thickness (mm)Unit of SaleMin. Qty.PriceCodeQuantity
Xenergy RTM Plus250060025Pack (16 Brds/24m2)4 £128.50 024751
Xenergy RTM Plus250060030Pack (14 Brds/21m2)4 £134.00 024906
Xenergy RTM Plus250060035Pack (12 Brds/18m2)4 £131.75 024756
Xenergy RTM Plus250060040Pack (10 Brds/15m2)4 £125.75 024757
Xenergy RTM Plus250060050Pack (8 Brds/12m2)4 £113.50 024827
Xenergy RTM Plus250060060Pack (7 Brds/10.5m2)4 £118.75 024759
Xenergy RTM Plus250060075Pack (5 Brds/7.5m2)4 £108.00 024858
Xenergy RTM Plus250060080Pack (5 Brds/7.5m2)4 £113.50 024760
Xenergy RTM Plus2500600100Pack (4 Brds/6m2)4 £113.50 024761
Xenergy RTM Plus2500600120Pack (3 Brds/4.5m2)4 £104.20 025399

Minimum Quantity: 5

Styrofoam Sheets – Our distributorship with Ravago Building Solutions enables us to offer a comprehensive range of Styrofoam Extruded Polystyrene sheets, hot-wire styrofoam cutting sheets to any thickness and  CNC machined components. Our commitment to Styrofoam is demonstrated by a stock holding of 3000M3 and is the largest single stocking point in the UK. Our warehouse is one minute from Junction 31 of the M1 and is ideal for delivery or collection.

What is Styrofoam?

Styrofoam is an extruded polystyrene and is uniquely identified by its blue colour. It was first developed and produced in the 1940’s by Ravago Building Solutions in the USA. The process of extruding polystyrene results in a material with uniformly small, closed cells and an unrivalled set of properties which make it ideal for insulation and also as a core in lightweight structural panels. Styrofoam combines low thermal conductivity and low water absorption to make it the choice of specifiers in a wide range of demanding insulation applications.

Styrofoam also has excellent mechanical properties including high strength in compression, tension, bending and shear  which are essential for a  core material in structural panels used in a range of markets including coldstores, touring caravans, truck panels, building and curtain-walling. The small uniform cell structure of Styrofoam is also ideally suited for use in markets such as hobby and craft where traditional modelling tools can create three-dimensional models.

Click on the branded product sites for for further information including online purchasing.

Hot-Wire Styrofoam Cutting

Panel Systems has one of the largest specialist fabrication units for the hot-wire cutting of Styrofoam in Europe. Hot-wire cutting facilities include large volume and small batch capability. Blocks and/or sheetscan be cut to a thickness of 5mm and by 0.5mm increments to around 150mm.

Our purchasing power enables us to source an extensive range of fabrication blocks from Ravago Building Solutions with lengths up to 3025mm, widths up to 1200mm and thickness up to 165mm. This ensures that the customer is able to achieve his required sheet size with the minimum of waste. The hot-wire cut surface of Styrofoam is ideal for the application of adhesives and is fully compatible with metals, plastics, and timber based products for bonding purposes. For pricing information please contact our sales office on 0114 249 5635.

CNC Machining

Panel Systems operates three large 3-axis Cnc routers able to machine sheets up to 3650mm x 1525mm. In the case of Styrofoam, blocks up to 165mm are machined. In house CAD/CAM facilities enable us to rapidly prototype customer requirements and undertake both large and small production runs.
We are able to import an extensive range of file formats eg. dxf, dwg and we will also create CAD  drawings and machining programs from customers rough outlines.
For pricing information please contact our sales office on 0114 249 5635.

Blowing Agents

The production of Styrofoam is primarily based on the extrusion of polystyrene with a blowing agent. There are two type of Styrofoam insulation products in the UK:

Type X which are foamed by a HFC. The ODP and GWP of the HFC foaming agent are 0 (kg CFC11 equivalent/kg HFC) and 1300 (kg carbon dioxide/kg HFC) respectively.

Type A which are foamed by carbon dioxide. The ODP and GWP of the carbon dioxide foaming agent are 0 (kg CFC11 equivalent/kg carbon dioxide and 1 (kg carbon dioxide/kg carbon dioxide) respectively.

Waste Recycling

The vast majority of Styrofoam waste created during our production is compacted and recycled.
For some of our customers it has proved to be beneficial for Panel Systems to undertake additional fabrication and machining to minimise their waste.

We pride ourselves on our high level of quality & service and all our products are manufactured to British Standard BS EN ISO 9001:2015. We keep extensive stocks at our Sheffield warehouse close to Junction 31 off the M1, ready for collection or distribution across the UK.


Over the next few weeks, the Dow XEnergy RTM Plus brand name is changing to Ravatherm XPS. This product is now manufactured by Ravago Building Solutions – Europe’s largest manufacturer of XPS insulation. The level of quality and availability will remain the same. If you have any questions regarding this name change, please contact our technical sales team.

  • Grey XEnergy RTM Plus will be changing to Grey Ravatherm XPlus RTM
  • Grey XEnergy HD300 will be changing to Grey Ravatherm XPlus HD300

For more information – read here.


Xenergy RTM Plus

Length (mm)

1920, 1940, 2150, 2400, 2500, 2750, 3050

Width (mm)

600, 750, 790, 810, 940, 1200, 1220

Thickness (mm)

25, 30, 35, 40, 50, 60, 75, 80, 90, 100, 115, 118, 120, 150, 165

Unit of Sale

Each, Pack (10 Brds/15m2), Pack (12 Brds/18m2), Pack (14 Brds/21m2), Pack (16 Brds/24m2), Pack (3 Brds/4.5m2), Pack (4 Brds/6m2), Pack (5 Brds/7.5m2), Pack (7 Brds/10.5m2), Pack (8 Brds/12m2)

Min. Qty.

3, 4, 5, 6


Cell ContentHFCAir
Density (typical value)EN 1602KG/M3333340
Thermal conductivity declared FOR STYROFOAM™ LBH-X & LB-A ONLY EN 13164W/(m.k)0,0330,033 (20-80mm)
0,034 (81-120mm)
0,036 (121-200mm)
Thermal Conductivity for 60 days old foam – mean value at 10°C FOR STYROFOAM™ RTM ONLYEN 12667
EN 12939
W/(m.k) 0,025
Compressive stress or compressive strength @ 10% deformation (1) EN 826kPa300300400
Tensile strength (1) EN 1607kPa500500700
Shear strength EN 12090kPa250250400
Moduli (typical values)
E-Modulus (1)EN 826MPa12 (≤30mm)
15 (31-80mm)
20 (>80mm)
12 (≤30mm)
15 (31-80mm)
20 (>80mm)
17 (≤30mm)
22 (31-80mm)
28 (>80mm)
Tensile modulus (1)EN 1607
MPa24 (≥50mm)24 (≥50mm)28 (≥50mm)
Shear modulus G EN 12090 MPa101013
Water vapour diffusion resistance factor µ (tabulated value)EN 12086-150150150
Long term water absorption by total immersion EN 12087Class1,51,51,5
Dimensional stability under specified (2) temperature (70°C) and humidity conditions (90%rh) EN 1604%555
Coefficient of linear thermal expansion (typical value) -mm/(m.K)0,07 0,07 0,07
Reaction to fire Euroclass EN 13501-1-EEE
Temperature limits -°C-0.666666667-0.666666667-0.666666667
Edge Profile --butt edgebutt edgebutt edge
Surface Finish --planed/groovedplaned/groovedplaned/grooved
Fire Classification NF EN 13164-Euroclass EEuroclass EEuroclass E
1) Measured in thickness direction
2) Products with special dimensions or closer tolerances are available upon request. 1 N/mm

Foam Type X

 UnitsStyrofoam LBXStyrofoam IBXStyrofoam RTMStyrofoam HD300XStyrofoam SPX
Thermal Conductivity
<= 80mm W/mK 0.0290.0330.0290.0290.029
81 - 120mm W/mK 0.0300.0330.0290.029
> 121mm W/mK 0.0310.0330.031
Compressive Strength kPa300250400700300
Design Load kPa11090140210120
Surface Finish Hot-wire Cut or PlanedHot-wire Cut or PlanedPlaned & Grooved Planed & Grooved Skin
Edge Profile ButtButtButtButtButt

Foam Type A

 UnitsStyrofoam LBA
Thermal Conductivity
<= 80mm W/mK 0.035
81 - 120mm W/mK 0.036
> 121mm W/mK 0.036
Compressive Strength kPa300
Design Load kPa110
Surface Finish Hot-wire Cut or Planed
Edge Profile Butt


Styrofoam is an excellent core material for a wide range of sandwich panel applications. The key benefits of Styrofoam are :-

  • High Mechanical Strength in compression, tension, bending and shear. Panels manufactured with Styrofoam exhibit high impact strength and resistance to dynamic loading.
  • Lightweight – Styrofoam has a high strength to weight ratio
  • Good Thermal Insulation – Styrofoam has excellent thermal properties.
  • Water and Vapour resistance – The closed cell structure of Styrofoam ensures that performance is maintained even in external situations or where moisture exists.
  • Bonding Surface. Styrofoam has a smooth dust free surface and is ideal for bonding. Hot-wire cut Styrofoam is available and provides an excellent bonding surface combined with consistent thickness for high quality bonding.
    Please visit our corporate website for more structural core products manufactured by Panel Systems

Craft & Modelling
The uniform small cell structure of Styrofoam is ideal for  Craft and Modelling activities. It is easily cut with a good surface for painting.

The use of composite panels in the production of caravans and motorised homes has grown significantly . The very high strength-to-weight ratio of composite panels provide significant benefits in the design of caravans and motorised homes. Styrofoam is ideal as a core material for composite panels. It’s high mechanical strength is suited to the dynamic loads attached to these applications. It will also help in the design to reduce the number and cross-section of wooden inserts.

Styrofoam will also provide excellent insulation performance even at low temperatures during winter months. Grades typically used are Styrofoam IBX and LBX .
For purchasing of material please click below

Truck Panels
The technical requirements for refrigerated truck bodies are defined by regulations and by economic considerations, which include the resale value of a vehicle.

To be cost effective, refrigerated truck bodies must be insulated effectively whilst also being lightweight and built with highly durable materials to last for decades. By choosing Styrofoam as a core material it is possible to satisfy those requirements. Panels with Styrofoam core material have been used in the manufacture of floors, walls and roofs of refrigerated truck bodies for more than 25 years with proven success.

Styrofoam RTM, Styrofoam LBX and HD300X  are designed to meet the needs of the refrigerated truck market. All products are produced in a range of thickness to meet the needs of the specific application.

Panel Systems offers a comprehensive fabrication service to provide complete kits and/or components for the production of truck panels.

Underfloor Heating
Styrofoam is ideally suited to both water and electric matting underfloor heating  systems (UFH)  due to it’s high compressive strength and impressive thermal insulation properties. Waterproof, rot and mould resistant and lightweight, Styrofoam is available in a range of thicknesses from 6mm upwards. It offers high levels of impact resistance.

In hot water based UFH systems, Styrofoam can be CNC machined to accept water pipes. The density of Styrofoam is such that high quality and consistent grooving is achieved to ensure a good fit for the water pipes. Contact our sales team on 0114-2495635 for pricing.

For electric matting systems where there is an existing un-insulated floor slab, sheets can be readily cut and fitted by hand. Floor tiles can be laid using any water based tile adhesive. Wood laminates can be laid in direct contact.

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