Once external cladding panels have been specified for a project and you’re aware of the fire performance, building regulation and thermal insulation required for the building, the next step is sourcing the specified cladding panels and finding a reliable supplier who can cut the panels to size as well as provide essential site support and fixing advice where needed. In addition, reliable delivery will be required to ensure that a project runs smoothly and is finished on time.

At Panel Systems, we’re experts in supplying and cutting Rockpanel, Etex Equitone, Trespa and other leading external cladding brands for a range of projects and applications. In this guide, we will explain how we provide our different cladding types and the services we offer to help you find the right supplier of external cladding boards for your project.

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How are the exterior cladding panels provided?

At Panel Systems, we have developed a number of close relationships with suppliers of exterior cladding panels which means we are able to offer the following cladding brands: 

  • Etex Equitone – Fibre cement panels
  • Abet MEG exterior laminate panels
  • Trespa Meteon – External High Pressure Laminate panels 
  • Rockpanel FS Extra – Rock Fibre Cladding panels
  • Valcan
  • Cembrit – fibre cement cladding  

Each cladding material is available in a variety of sheet sizes from which your panels will be cut. each Cladding brand has it’s own range of thicknesses and colour options. We can advise on the cutting and shaping of the exterior wall cladding panels to ensure they’re ready for installation on the building when they’re delivered on-site.

Cladding Panels cutting service

We’re able to provide a full cutting service to meet the needs of individual projects and this includes our comprehensive CNC routing and cutting service

  • All cladding boards start as a full sheet in our Sheffield headquarters
  • We then take your finished panel sizes and use our Magicut optimisation software to determine the most economical way of cutting your panels to size with minimal wastage.
  • Each cladding brand is also available to buy in full sheets for customers to organise their own cutting. For quicker installation, we can also provide finished cladding panels with pre-drilled holes for fixtures and fittings.

The benefits of our CNC machining service include: 

  • Saves time on-site when trying to achieve difficult cuts
  • Design With our in-house CAD service, we are able to achieve bespoke shapes and sizes including engraving.

What services does Panel Systems offer when it comes to cladding panels?

When it comes to finding a supplier for cladding boards, it’s important to find someone who is experienced and reliable. At Panel Systems, we have over 45 years’ experience in supplying a range of projects and we have one of the most comprehensive facilities available to deliver on time for project completion.

Here are just some of the services we can offer in relation to external wall cladding panels:

Range of sizes

External cladding panels are supplied either as a full sheet to be cut yourself or we can supply cut to size from your final dimensions.

With an in-house CNC machine including 3 and 5-axis technology and Magicut software, we can efficiently cut the panels to size for you as well as drill any required holes for fixings & accessories. Our CNC machine has the facilities for close tolerance cutting and drilling to minimise mistakes and ensure that the panels can be easily fitted once they arrive on site.

We are also able to offer: 

  • Blind drilling for secret fix systems
  • Edge profiling and face grooving
  • Site support 

This helps to save time on-site and ensures that the panels are cut to your exact requirements, removing the need for resizing of the external cladding panels.

Material optimisation

We have the facilities and software required to minimise wastage as much as possible when it comes to cutting the cladding panels out of the full sheets of material. The material can be cut in the best possible way to ensure that you do not need to order any material unnecessarily, which can help to save costs on the overall project.

Accessories available

In addition to Rockpanel, Etex Equitone and Trespa external cladding panels, we also supply all of the fixings and support systems for cladding boards so we are a one-stop-shop for your needs. This reduces the time spent organising a range of suppliers and coordinating delivery dates.

We supply support structures and fixing accessories from the following partners: 

  • Plastestrip
  • Nvelope
  • Mainline Products
  • Ejot UK 

All fabrication facilities under one roof

At Panel Systems, all of our fabrication facilities are under one roof and operated by our team of in-house experts. This means that we do not need to outsource our services making the process much quicker.

Bespoke orders

We’re able to cater to a range of applications and project needs. With in-house cutting services and state-of-the-art technology, we’re able to cut the cladding board into unique shapes to suit the need of the project.

Supply the whole UK

From our headquarters is in Sheffield, we’re able to deliver external cladding panels all over the UK. Our service is not just regionalised and, once the panels have been ordered and cut to size, we dispatch them from our central location for delivery to your project.

To find out more about how we supply external cladding panels, our cladding range or getting the most from external cladding systems, please contact our team today.