Larcore Aluminium honeycomb panels are designed for use in a wide variety of industrial applications, including transport and architecture. The unique panel design features two aluminium cover sheets along with an aluminium honeycomb core, to offer highly rigid lightweight solutions for demanding applications.

The panels benefit from a non-combustible A2 fire rating and can be further processed with bonding or colour coating, for use in applications such as marine, buses, trains, lifts and aircraft.

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The benefits of aluminium honeycomb composite panels


These composite panels are prized for their extremely low weight, without compromising on strength. Although they are not as lightweight as some materials, the honeycomb structure means that in certain applications, these panels are up to 40 times stronger.


Despite being low in weight, the material used to create the panel core, and the design of the honeycomb structure ensures that these panels are extremely rigid.

The high strength to weight ratio is among the highest of all honeycomb composite  panels which are currently available. The material’s properties and connectivity of the cells provide increased stability and rigidity makes these honeycomb panels ideal for many, high specification industries.

Thermal efficiency

The thermal efficiency of aluminium honeycomb panels makes them highly resistant to temperature fluctuations. Although the aluminium material offers no heat insulation, the hexagonal cellular structure creates a series of closed spaces with air layers between the skins. This prevents airflow and makes it difficult for heat to effectively transmit and convert throughout the panel.

Corrosion resistant

Larcore Aluminium honeycomb panel cores are moisture-resistant, which provides these panels with highly corrosion-resistant properties. The panels also benefit from being resistant to mould and fungal growth within enclosed spaces.

Sound insulation

Larcore Aluminium honeycomb sandwich panels are prized for their sound absorption and sound transmission loss. The aluminium honeycomb core acts as an effective barrier, which prevents sound from being transmitted, whilst also absorbing the sound by reducing the reflection of sound around a room. Despite aluminium having no sound insulation properties, the actual core cell design ensures these panels offer effective sound insulation performance.

Variety of thicknesses

The cell size, thickness and weight ratio are easy to control, so panels are available in a variety of dimensions and configurations. Whether you are looking to increase strength or improve flexibility, there are panel thicknesses available for your requirements.


Larcore Aluminium Honeycomb panels are available with a thickness tolerance as low as +/- 0.2mm for demanding applications.

Aluminium honeycomb panel applications

At Panel Systems, through our experience and industry knowledge, we are ideally placed to offer aluminium honeycomb composite panels for use in specific industries.

Marine industry

Aluminium sandwich structures are being used to drastically reduce the weight of boats above the waterline, with the light-weight and non-combustible properties of honeycomb core panels perfect for the task.

In addition, the panels are ideally suited for the highly corrosive marine environment, where they are regularly used in cruise ships, yachts, ferries, offshore boats and coast guard lifeboats.

Aviation industry

Honeycomb core materials are used in the aviation industry as the lightweight panels are an effective way to reduce weight and increase flight distance and payload.

The aluminium honeycomb panels are also able to withstand the physical forces and heat related to extreme temperature fluctuations experienced during high speed, high altitude flights.

Aluminium honeycomb core panels are becoming critical in the building of everything from propellers to aircraft fit outs and on-board equipment.

Trucks, buses and trains

The modern transport industry demands the implementation of sustainable and economic materials, which are recyclable, lightweight and stable. Due to the lightweight construction of these panels, they are perfectly suited to interior cladding and roofing in train carriage construction and also within lorry cabins and storage systems, where strength, weight and rigidity are important.


The high rigidity and even surface of honeycomb panels makes them an ideal option for elevator cladding. The panels can be easily incorporated with a variety of mounting systems, for quick and easy installation.

Clean rooms

Since these panels are flat, decorative and easy to clean, they are ideal for use within ceilings and walls of clean rooms. The panels can be left with their natural finish or can be lacquered, or colour coated to create the ideal interior design.

The benefits of using Panel Systems as your supplier of aluminium honeycomb panels

Our specialist knowledge of aluminium honeycomb cores and panels, combined with our extensive understanding of materials and panels allows us to provide our customers with many composite sandwich panel options.

Our team are also able to offer:

  • In-house professional CAD design service
  • The capability required to manage both large and highly bespoke projects
  • We have been operating for many years so can guarantee the longevity and reliability of our service
  • We can supply materials and also offer a cut to size, machined service
  • Our expertise and knowledge are highly regarded within the industry

Whatever service you require, we guarantee to offer you high-quality panels , with punctual delivery and competitive prices. To find out more about honeycomb sandwich panels, please contact our team today.

Need more help?

The Panel Systems staff have extensive knowledge and experience across a wide range of industries and materials. Whatever stage of the process you are at, we can help you to deliver your material on time and to the correct specifications.

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