ECO-Warm XPS Insulation Board


  • Product is made from XPS Insulation (Extruded polystyrene)
  • Excellent Thermal properties: Thermal Conductivity (K Value = 0.031)
  • Supplied in an easy to handle sheet size of 1200x600mm (4ft x 2ft)
  • Available 50, 75 & 100mm thick
  • Manufactured and supplied from the UK.
  • Can be used in walls, roof and floors to improve the thermal performance of the structure
  • Can also be used as under slab insulation as part of a concrete floor base.
  • The Insulation board are very easy to work with. Boards can be cut either by using a fine toothed saw, or by scoring with a knife then snapping over a straight edge.
  • Hand samples are available upon request by completing web contact form
  • Reaction to fire rating ‘E’ to EN 13501-1