Craftfoam Letters


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Pre-cut foam letters and numbers can be used to personalise an event or project, providing added impact and style.

  • Helvetica font is used, with letters available in both upper and lower case to complement the style of the project
  • All Craftfoam letters and numbers come in a standard height of 250mm, with bespoke sizes available
  • Large quantities in stock in our Sheffield warehouse
GroupProductLength (mm)Width (mm)Thickness (mm)Unit of SaleMin. Qty.PriceCodeQuantityAdd to Cart
Craftfoam Letters (Uppercase)60060025Box of 121 £81.00 020679
Craftfoam Letters (Lowercase)60060025Box of 121 £81.00 020680

Craftfoam Letters

ProductLength (mm)Width (mm)Thickness (mm)Unit of SaleMin. Qty.PriceCodeQuantity
Craftfoam Letters (Uppercase)60060025Box of 121 £81.00 020679
Craftfoam Letters (Lowercase)60060025Box of 121 £81.00 020680

Minimum Quantity: 1

Pre-cut foam letters and numbers can easily transform a school project, home craft activity or could even decorate your wedding venue!

Have you ever wanted to personalise an event or a project with pre-cut letters? Now you can with our pre-cut Craftfoam letters and numbers, which are available in Helvetica font and can be used to create eye-catching messages that will enhance any location.

Craftfoam letters are proving particularly popular in school art lessons where pupils can create colourful memorable artwork for their classrooms. Because the letters are already cut to shape, pupils can concentrate on getting creative with colour and texture, which is much more fun – rather than spending time on the difficult job of cutting them out!

For a colourful finish, we recommend using acrylic paints, although some spray paints will also work well. If you want to go one step further by adding special effects to your letters, you could consider using plaster, gesso, modelling paste or other coating materials to create interesting textures.

There really is no limit to the uses for Craftfoam Letters – whether for an architectural project, event, corporate occasion or to personalise a wedding venue – let us bring your event to life with letters and numbers!

We pride ourselves on our high level of quality & service and all our products are manufactured to British Standard BS EN ISO 9001:2015. We keep extensive stocks at our Sheffield warehouse close to Junction 31 off the M1, ready for collection or distribution across the UK.

There are significant changes underway in the supply of Styrofoam the market leading extruded polystyrene. During 2018 Ravago Building Solutions will cease the manufacture of blue Styrofoam and replace with a new improved product called Xenergy Styrofoam. This product will be grey in colour and offer the same mechanical properties but will provide improved thermal performance. The process of winding down stocks of blue Styrofoam is already underway with some grades already exhausted such as RTM, these will be supplied in the new improved grade of Xenergy. Other grades will be phased in over coming months. Full technical data sheets on the new improved product are available to download on the relevant product pages.


Craftfoam Letters, Craftfoam Letters (Lowercase), Craftfoam Letters (Uppercase)

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Using Craftfoam in school art lessons

One of the great things about primary school is having the opportunity to put your creative skills to the test. Things have moved on from papier-maché and now pupils are getting the opportunity to work with other materials, such as Craftfoam, which offer them really exciting decoration and model making opportunities.

Teachers can be assured that Craftfoam is a tried and trusted material that is completely safe to work with. It is also light in weight and easy to cut into shape, although we recommend that only a competent adult does this!


Recently Durham Gilesgate Primary School used Craftfoam for creating an innovative display to welcome visitors. The school selected blue Craftfoam, which they cut and shaped into the school name and a model of the building. They then painted it in a range of eye catching colours and also produced masks to be used within the display.


Another school we worked with created a six foot totem pole from white-painted Craftfoam, as part of their studies of different cultures – which looked amazing.

Schools are constantly under pressure to come up with attractive and colourful displays and Craftfoam has proven to be a popular choice for displays throughout the year, thanks to its versatility. Pupils like the fact that they can simply decorate Craftfoam with water or oil-based paints, creating visually interesting displays that add interest and clearly demonstrate their abilities.

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