As the trend for outdoor dining continues to grow, so does the demand for durable materials. This is especially true for homeowners and hospitality businesses with limited storage space for outdoor furniture during the winter months and colder seasons.

Solid grade laminate is one of the best materials for creating table tops in commercial, hospital or educational environments. It also offers excellent durability and water-resistant qualities for outdoor environments and is available in a variety of designs through our CNC routing and cutting services.

We pride ourselves on providing first-class CNC routing and cutting services across a diverse range of markets and materials. Our extensive facility includes both 3-axis and 5-axis routing capabilities and 3D technology, which ensures superior precision when cutting. This allows us to offer a wide range of decorative designs using an extended range of materials such as; solid-grade laminate, plastic, extruded polystyrene, external cladding boards and timber sheet materials.

Through our comprehensive CNC cutting and routing services, we can provide high quality, durable solid grade laminate tables and outdoor furniture, to suit a variety of applications.

Why solid grade laminate for outdoor furniture?

Solid grade laminate is a reliable and durable solution for outdoor furniture. Created through a process involving heat and high-pressure compression, this effectively bonds layers of thin paper with thermosetting phenolic resin. This method provides SGL with its unique characteristics – durability and water resistance, which sets it apart from competitors.

This high-quality material can be precisely cut into various shapes and sizes, including rectangles and circles for tabletops. We utilise CNC machining for solid grade laminate due to its controlled cutting capabilities, adding precision to the final product.

This external grade decorative high-pressure laminate is available in a range of neutral colours to suit a variety of preferences for outdoor furniture. When installed, it offers a contemporary and polished finish, making it an excellent choice for outdoor dining environments.

Solid-grade laminate is becoming a popular choice for outdoor use, thanks to its robust composition that is capable of withstanding harsh weather conditions.

With a solid and non-porous surface, solid-grade laminate is resistant to stains and dirt that are inevitable in outdoor environments. This simplifies the cleaning process and makes the furniture easier to maintain.

In addition, solid-grade laminate boasts exceptional structural strength, which means it has the ability to endure substantial loads and varying seasonal weather conditions. When it comes to outdoor furniture, durability is crucial for maintaining its quality and prolonging performance.

Bespoke CNC cutting service for outdoor table tops

Working with outdoor furniture companies, our expert team provides bespoke sized solid grade laminate using our CNC machining services, regardless of shape, decorative effect or application.

Having the ability to cut materials to the clients’ correct specifications helps businesses save time and optimise usage for environmental benefit.

Partner with Panel Systems for CNC machining services that will elevate your projects and bring your vision to life.

Contact for further details on our CNC cutting services or contact our expert team to find out more about solid grade laminate for outdoor furniture. We are happy to discuss quotes for small one-off enquiries or larger volume projects.

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