Lightweight rigid panels have grown hugely in popularity over the last couple of years, with rising demand for Larcore, an innovative honeycomb panel.

Larcore Aluminium honeycomb panels, which are suitable for a myriad of applications, are supplied from stock at our factory in Sheffield and can be delivered throughout the UK and beyond.


What are the properties of Larcore?

Larcore is manufactured in a continuous process with an aluminium honeycomb core faced with aluminium skins. It can be coated with a primer suitable as a finished surface or for further processing including bonding and colour coatings.

Larcore panels are lightweight, rigid and achieve classification A2 against reaction to fire standard EN 13501-1. They are designed for demanding applications including rail transport, marine, facades, cladding, automotive, aviation, engineering and industrial. As the UK distributor for Larcore panels, we offer an extensive range of standard sizes, plus thicknesses from 6mm to 30mm.

Let’s take a closer look at some of the markets where Larcore is widely utilised.

Its main uses are in the transport industry. This includes for railways, buses, trucks, aircraft and marine. For these applications, having lightweight, high-performance panels is essential. Larcore is ideal for transport panels, as the material can be bonded to plastic, timber, laminate or metal, with a wide range of bespoke coatings, which means they can be customised to suit project requirements.

Larcore panels are certified to meet fire testing requirements in the marine and rail industry. Larcore’s properties of being extremely lightweight and rigid, as well as non-combustible, insulating and energy efficient make it appealing for increasing numbers of applications. The material also offers compression resistance, making it a robust choice for the long term.

It also offers great protection against water resistance. See our latest brochure.



From a sustainability point of view, Larcore is a perfect choice. Larcore A2 is 100% recyclable and has EPD (Environmental Product Declarations) Certification, which confirms its low environmental impact.

Larcore panels are available to purchase online in three standard sheet sizes of 3120x1500mm, 1500x1000mm and 600x600mm. Bespoke cut sizes are also available upon request.



For applications requiring extra levels of hygiene, Larcore is available with a fully pre-treated aluminium honeycomb core, which makes it perfect for clean rooms, laboratories and hospitals.


Customisation of panels

At our factory in Sheffield, we provide full CNC machining services to meet customers’ bespoke requirements. Whether you’re looking for a particular material to be bonded to Larcore, such as plastic, timber, laminate or metal, or are considering any other coating, we have the right solution to suit your needs. Panel Systems are also able to supply Larcore panels fully CNC machined to our customers’ details.

With over 40 years’ experience in cutting, routing and shaping of bespoke panels, we are able to advise customers on material choices to suit specific applications. Want to find out more about Larcore and how we could help you meet the requirements of your next panel project?

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