Are you looking for a robust, water-resistant, long-lasting material, which can be cut and decorated to suit your particular application?

Have you ever considered Solid grade laminate (SGL)?

SGL is also known as Compact Grade Laminate and is most widely known for its use as the partitions and doors of toilet cubicles.

How is Solid/Compact Grade Laminate formed?

Solid Grade Laminate is formed using multiple layers of thin paper to which thermosetting phenolic resins are added, then heat and high-pressure compression is applied. This process gives solid grade laminate its unique properties, including durability and water resistance, that truly set it apart from other materials.

The material has many competitive advantages and is ideally suited to applications where technical performance is paramount.

Solid grade panels provide a contemporary, polished feel whenever they are installed, making them ideal for tables and countertops, as well as surfaces in laboratories and kitchens.

Let’s take a look at the benefits of Solid Grade Laminate…


When it comes to tables and surfaces in fast food outlets, durability is important. With Solid Grade Laminate, you can rest assured that the material can withstand high traffic areas and environments, which means it will retain its quality appearance and perform over the long term. The unique qualities of Solid Grade Laminate mean it is a perfect solution because of its inherent toughness.

Water resistance

One of the major advantages of Compact Grade Laminate over other materials, such as chipboard, is that it is completely water resistant. This means there are no concerns when it is used in high humidity environments where volumes of water can be present, for example swimming pools or leisure centres. Maintenance costs are therefore much lower as the material is not damaged by water and it will retain its appearance for the long term.

Vandal resistance

Furniture and surfaces in educational environments, fast food outlets or laboratories can be subject to vandalism. Solid Grade Laminate’s inherent properties of vandal resistance mean that it can withstand scratching and spray painting with graffiti can easily be removed using cleaning products which doesn’t damage the structure or affect the colour of the material.

Solid Grade Laminate is also extremely impact resistant, making it ideal for more challenging environments.

Low maintenance

Solid Grade Laminate can easily be cleaned with a damp cloth to give that good as new look, so maintenance is low. When it is used in environments such as for tabletops and surfaces or for toilet cubicles, it is extremely hygienic and retains its aesthetics, ensuring many years of great service. There is no risk of the edging strips peeling away, which can affect the overall look, which can happen with other materials like chipboard.


Solid Grade Laminate is available in a wide range of bright, textured, woodgrain and neutral colours, to suit all projects, all of which are visually appealing. It retains its appearance for the long term.


The material can be machined and also engraved or digitally printed to suit individual project needs. This includes customisation with branding. This extremely flexible material and manufacturing process allows for greater versatility in design.

Complete capability

For almost 50 years, Panel Systems has been providing CNC machining services and we have invested in the latest technology and CNC machines with 3-axis and full 5-axis, 3D capability.

We have the capability to cut solid grade laminate to suit every design and project. So, whatever the shape, space, decorative effect or application, we can meet your needs.

Our aim is to ensure that we supply a product which is quick and easy to install, so that when it is delivered to a site it can be slotted into place seamlessly.

Customer service

Our commitment to customer service means our customers can rely on us to get the job done. We are an ISO 9001 approved business, which certifies the quality of our business management and operations. This demonstrates that we have the capability to handle large orders, and gives customers the reassurance that we can work to tight deadlines by providing all CNC machining services under one roof.

What to do next?

Our team are experts in working with a range of materials and applications and have been providing CNC machining services for Solid Grade Laminate for over 30 years. For more information or to get a quote call 01909 771 285 or email

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