The UK inflation rate continues to rise, with a 40-year high recorded in October 2022. Householder costs rose by 9.2% in the 12 months to December 2022 and food and beverages rose by 16.9% in the same period. Likewise, many in the construction sector will have noticed an increase in the cost of certain building materials, such as aluminium and products made from it. This is due to a number of different factors, from changes in economies and exchange rates, to the effects of Covid-19 and Brexit.

The building and construction market is the world’s second largest consumer of aluminium, after the automotive industry. Right now, demand is particularly high in developing countries, where aluminium accounts for up to 30% of all building materials. This increased demand, coupled with the economic factors described above, has led to aluminium prices reaching an all-time high. At the same time, production stocks are at the lowest they’ve been for decades, creating a perfect storm in which demand is very much outstripping supply. And this doesn’t just apply to aluminium. The same situation is also occurring with other metals such as lead, copper and zinc.


Make sure you get the best possible price

Of course, raw material costs aren’t the only factor that affect the price you’ll pay for your aluminium panels. Panel size, order quantity, insulation type and colour choice can all have an influence.

Aluminium panels are manufactured from aluminium sheets, which are supplied in a range of fixed sizes. One of the ways to keep costs down is via good material optimisation. This is achieved with the use of the very latest ‘Magicut’ optimisation software. This ensures we obtain the best possible cutting yield out of the aluminium sheets available at the time of manufacture.


A manufacturer you can rely on

As UK-wide suppliers of insulated building products, Panel Systems manufactures a variety of composite sandwich panels for many applications and industries Our commitment to first-class customer service makes us a manufacturer you can always rely on.

If you’re finding it challenging to get hold of the aluminium products you need, due to price increases, our team is on hand to help and advise on ways to save money and maximise your output. This could also include making minor adjustments to the panel dimensions and looking at other aspects of your order.


Attractive, durable and cost-effective choice

Despite the recent price increase, our wide range of aluminium panels continue to be an attractive, durable and cost-effective choice for building facades. Our products include our FR-A range of window & curtain walling infill panels.

Our FR-A range of non-combustible panels offer architects, specifiers and developers a great glazing solution, which is fully compliant with UK building regulations. Our large range of finishes and thicknesses make FR-A panels ideal for use in both new construction projects and in replacing existing non-compliant spandrel panels.

To find out more, take a look at our full product range here. Alternatively, get in touch to request a quotation or to speak to our team on 0114 275 2881.