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Panel Systems Launches New A1-Rated Multiliner Panel for Concrete Decks, Upstands & Parapets

New Multiliner A1 Board

Panel Systems, a leading manufacturer and distributor of composite and architectural panels, is helping contractors and developers to solve the issue of protecting semi-exposed soffits on concrete decks or upstands and parapets in roofing applications, with its new MultiLiner A1 range.

MultiLiner A1 has achieved an A1 classification demonstrating its properties of being non-combustible for thicknesses ranging between 36-276mm and is compliant with UK Building Regulations. Each panel is produced from 6mm non-combustible cellulose fibre cement building board, which is factory laminated to non-combustible rock mineral wool slab.

The range offers architects, developers and contractors an ideal material for use in both new construction projects requiring soffit, upstand or parapet liners, as well as for the replacement of existing non-compliant products. MultiLiner is ideal for roof lining applications where a non-combustible upstand or parapet insulation board is required to thermally insulate and protect walls in inverted flat roof systems. The standard thickness for roofing applications is 56mm overall.

A spokesperson for Panel Systems explains: “We introduced MultiLiner to the market as it meets the requirements for non-combustible products, in line with the latest Building Regulations. We are experiencing high demand for MultiLiner from contractors and developers on both large and smaller projects where fire safety is essential.”

Easy to handle on site, MultiLiner can be cut using normal site cutting tools, including circular saws and fine-toothed saws. The boards can be painted without any special priming, using an alkali-resistant paint or emulsion.

Panel Systems’ new MultiLiner panels are available to buy in custom sizes and the company’s technical team can offer an additional support service offering U-value, acoustic and wind loading calculations, as well as bespoke shapes and sizes.


About Panel Systems

Since 1974, Panel Systems has built a reputation for offering innovative, bespoke panel solutions for a diverse range of markets ranging from leisure vehicles, automotive and washrooms, to caravans, truck bodies, the window industry and construction.

Panel Systems offers a bespoke structural bonding and fabrication service, with the experience to work with a wide range of facing materials, such as metals, plastics, Cement boards, timber and decorative laminates. The company, which operates to approved ISO 9001:2015 management standards, also has 3 and 5 Axis CNC routers allowing for the production of flexible designs and panel shapes.

For more information visit www.panelsystems.co.uk, call Panel Systems direct on 0114 275 2881 or for pricing enquiries, email sales@panelsystems.co.uk.