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Outstanding Performance Starts With Revostage®

Autumn is here and schools, choirs, community groups and event managers are looking to plan events for the months ahead, including Christmas performances, nativity plays, carol concerts, musicals and pantomimes. Now is the time, before things get too hectic, to consider the staging system you are using for your events and ask yourself a few questions:

  • Is your portable staging fit for purpose? Does it look professional?  Does it give you the performance you need?
  • Is your staging quick and easy to assemble and disassemble? How portable is your staging? Can it be moved easily and transported within the back of a car or van?
  • Could your staging stand up to scrutiny from a health & safety point of view? If staging isn’t erected properly it can be dangerous, which is especially important when children or older people are performing.
  • Is your staging robust? Can it withstand high capacity weight-loadings, yet still only require one or two people to assemble and disassemble on site?

If the answer to any of these questions is no, then the time is now to be looking for an innovative new staging system which meets all your requirements.

Revostage® is a patented two-part, telescopic riser support and structural platform portable staging system. It is the perfect temporary stage for any event and is manufactured and independently tested to carry 750kg of load per square metre. As well as being extremely robust, Revostage® is light in weight and quick and easy to assemble. As time is of the essence, thanks to the unique fixing system, Revostage® can be easily built and dismantled quickly, with no specialist tools required.

As a portable staging system, Revostage® is suitable for numerous applications and can be used to create podiums, catwalks, rostrums, tiered seating and staging areas, raised flooring, drum risers and exhibition stands. Storage has also been carefully considered with Revostage. It packs away into just 15% of its assembled size, meaning it can be stored in a large cupboard. It is also so light and compact, it can be easily transported in a car or other small vehicle.

Finally, not forgetting the aesthetics of the stage – Revostage® is available in several different colour options and can be personalised with company branding, giving customers the freedom to create a bespoke stage for any performance or event. A staging system is a crucial investment; it is important to make sure you get the right one that offers you great performance and is built to last.

Why not try Revostage out, by taking advantage of a free week’s trial? Book your demo kit here. https://www.revostage.co.uk/demo-kits

If you are looking for staging for schools or staging for choirs, then Revostage® is the answer. Manufactured in Sheffield by Panel Systems, Revostage® offers a lightweight, competitively priced portable staging system and is the perfect choice for schools, choirs and event organisers. For more information or to place an order, take a look at our dedicated website www.revostage.co.uk. Alternatively, call our expert sales staff on 0114 249 5626.