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EQUITONE – Ideal architectural panels for your next project

There are a diverse range of modern cladding and façade materials available to today’s building designers and developers. Many of these architectural panels have stunning aesthetics and are available in a wide choice of colours and surface finishes, as well as a whole host of performance benefits.

Over the past 45 years, we have been fabricating composite panels to suit the requirements of building designers, contractors and developers. We are also one of the main UK distributors of the EQUITONE architectural fibre cement cladding range to meet bespoke requirements.

Whether you are looking to create a striking architecturally linear finish to a building or something that is sympathetic to its surroundings and complements the local environment, EQUITONE has a wide range of façade options. These are available through Panel Systems and they can be cut to size and fabricated to meet your exact requirements. Within the EQUITONE range, there are options available with an A2 fire classification.

There are many options available within the EQUITONE fibre cement cladding range to suit different building aesthetics. These include:

EQUITONE Linea with its light and shadow surface finish that creates an ever-evolving façade.

EQUITONE Tectiva Fibre cement façade features naturally occurring hues with a lightly sanded surface.

EQUITONE Natura Fiber cement façade is a sleek and refined surface, which combines elegance with effortless function and beauty.

EQUITONE Pictura Fiber cement façade has a smooth, matt finish, without visible fibres. It is available in a wide range of vibrant or natural hues,

EQUITONE Lunara is a through-coloured material which is recognised by its randomised unique texture. Its elevations and depressions reflect the raw, ethereal cratered landscape of the moon.

We can cut and router EQUITONE fibre cement panels to any size or shape – the design possibilities are limitless. When used as part of a ventilated rainscreen cladding system or rear-ventilated curtain wall façade, EQUITONE panels allow air to circulate behind the cladding, keeping moisture, mould, heat, and frost away from the building.

Each panel goes through a bespoke, controlled manufacturing process, which includes stringent quality checks on each component to ensure they meet the required standard of the tested specifications.

The panels also have excellent acoustic properties (calculations of which are available upon request and can be manufactured to meet specific U-value and wind loading requirements.) In addition, the technical team can offer a full support service including assistance with optimisation to ensure wastage is kept to a minimum.

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