The weather in Britain over the past few months has been somewhat unpredictable. So when the half-term break from school arrives at the end of May, it might be wise for parents to prepare for keeping the children entertained indoors, just in case. So to help you keep the kids busy, we have pulled together a few ideas on what springtime creations you can make using Craftfoam.

Spring Wreath
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All you need is a piece of Craftfoam, enough colourful and spring themed pictures and stickers to cover the wreath, glue, ribbon or string and a craft knife.

Firstly, draw a ring template on your Craftfoam panel and cut out using the knife. If the edges require a little tidying, Craftfoam can be easily sanded using fine sandpaper to create a smooth finish.

If you’re using green Craftfoam, then the colour is already ideal for spring themed decorations, however, if it is the grey foam then you may choose to paint the ring in a lighter pastel colour with oil based paints such as acrylic or spray paints. We would always recommend testing paints and glues on offcuts of Craftfoam first to make sure you get the desired result before painting your wreath in full.

When it is ready to decorate, stick the pictures and stickers on to the ring using a strong glue. Finally attach a ribbon or thick string to the back and your wreath is ready to hang.

Top Tip: Search the internet for pictures to print and colour at home to stick onto your wreath.

Spring Stamps

Image Source: stamps are a great pastime and perfect for use when making our own spring pictures. Craftfoam is versatile, rigid and easy to shape, so stamps made from the material will last long enough to provide hours of fun, even after being dipped in lots of different inks and paints.

Simply find a picture of the shape you want, such as a flower, bee or butterfly, and print it out to the size required using a normal piece of paper. Stick the picture onto your Craftfoam, using pins or blu-tack, and cut around it with a craft knife. Once you have your shape cut out, simply glue it onto a piece of cork, small wooden block or even the plastic lid from a crisp tube. Pour a small amount of ink or paint into a tray or Tupperware dish and stamp away.

Top Tip: Try making a few different shapes to help the kids develop their crafting skills and add variety to your pictures and cards.

Table Centrepiece

Image Source: RandomThoughtsHome.comCraftfoam is available to buy in handy sheet sizes in a range of thicknesses and is easy to cut without the need for any specialist equipment, which makes it perfect for sculpting. Craftfoam can also be easily shaped and modelled using a variety of tools including hand or powered knives, and saws, drills and routers. This and the fact it is extremely rigid means it is ideal for using as a base or main body of a table centrepiece. From a colourful topiary sculpture that can be painted and decorated as you wish, to a base for a flower pot bouquet, the possibilities on what your centrepiece can look like are endless.

Craftfoam can be conveniently delivered anywhere in the UK or you can collect your order from our dedicated warehouse in Sheffield, just off the M1 motorway. It can also be purchased as ready-to-use letters and numbers in various sizes, which makes creating signs and banners an easy task.

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