Creepy Craftfoam Creations to Try This Halloween

The spooky season is upon us and people up and down the country are getting ready to welcome trick or treaters or preparing to host a party in celebration. To help you get into the spirit and turn your home into a house of horrors, we’ve been pulling together few ideas on what creepy creations you can make using Craftfoam this Halloween.

Petrifying Props

Craftfoam is available to buy in handy sheet sizes in a range of thicknesses and is easy to cut without the need for any specialist equipment, which makes it perfect for sculpting spooky statues and decorations. It can also be purchased as ready-to-use letters and numbers in various sizes, which makes creating Halloween-themed signs and banners a simple task. A craft knife is suitable for cutting the full range of thicknesses and Craftfoam can also be easily sanded and planed to create the shape required.

The versatile material is rigid and easy to shape, so the possibilities about what can be created with Craftfoam are endless. The Blue foam is ideal for making a horrifying headstone and the green foam would build a fantastic Frankenstein’s monster or wicked witch, for example.

Once you’ve decided which petrifying props you would like to make, just sketch the picture onto the foam, carefully cut out the shape and features, then if required stick the pieces together using double sided tape or Spray Mount glue.

When your prop is constructed, add the colours and finishing touches with oil based paints such as acrylic or spray paints. Once complete, turn your home into a haunted house by placing your creepy creations in windows and throughout the garden.

Top Tip: Test paints and glues on offcuts of Craftfoam first to make sure you get the desired result before painting your props in full. 

Spooky Silhouettes

If detailed drawing and painting isn’t your thing or you’d prefer to create something simple but still as effective, then we would recommend window silhouettes. Great for creating an eerie atmosphere, the silhouettes are easy to make and better still there’s no need for intricate designs.

Choose a large monster shape, such as a ghost or a couple of smaller Halloween themed shapes, like pumpkins and bats and draw them onto the foam as required. If you would prefer not to sketch the shapes freehand, most arts and craft shops will sell Halloween themed stencils, or alternatively you can find a selection of free templates on the internet. This blog by Snazzy Little Thing has a great choice.

Once you have drawn the outline, carefully cut the Craftfoam to shape. Again, if required, stick the pieces together and once dry paint over them with a dark colour that will stand out against the light, to make the shape even spookier. Once complete, hang or stick your spooky shapes inside the windows and switch on a low level of light or place a torch in front of each silhouette to turn your house into a monster mansion.

Creepy Costumes

For those that have a more artistic flair, Craftfoam is a great for enhancing a Halloween costume. It’s lightweight but sturdy material is ideal for props such as a Grim Reaper’s scythe, devil horns or the wings of a fallen angel. The rigidity of Craftfoam means that it can easily be cut, shaped and modelled using a variety of tools including hand or powered knives, and saws, drills and routers. This and the fact it is lightweight and easy to carry, is what makes it popular with Cosplayers.

There’s no limit on what can be made with this multi-purpose material, so make sure you don’t miss a trick and get creative with Craftfoam this Halloween.

Craftfoam can be conveniently delivered anywhere in the UK or you can collect your order from our dedicated warehouse in Sheffield, just off the M1 motorway. For more information, click here or phone 0114 249 5626.

For more Halloween costume and prop ideas, visit the Craftfoam Pinterest page. For the chance to win £100 worth of Craftfoam, visit the Facebook page and share your costume and prop ideas before the end of October.

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