Timber cladding rises to the top

Timber cladding is now more popular than ever with building designers and architects so it’s no surprise that a growing number of timber clad buildings can be seen within our towns and cities. With naturally appealing tones, architects are favouring the use of this material in order to create aesthetically pleasing building designs.

A timber clad facade can help a building to complement its surrounds. As well as its aesthetic benefits, one of the many reasons why timber cladding is so popular is that it helps to reduce the overall carbon footprint of a development. As a renewable source, timber requires less energy to process than many other construction materials and is 100 percent recyclable, meaning that it can be re-used at the end of its life.

As a very strong and durable material, timber can resist pollution, weathering and corrosion and can be enhanced with preservative treatments such as flame retardant coatings. Modern timber cladding panels can be pre-fabricated in a factory by pre-fitting the cladding board to the insulated glazing infill panels prior to site delivery. Here at Panel Systems we regularly supply glazing infill panels with all the performance benefits of a modern, energy efficient panel in order to meet the U-value requirements on a range of projects.

A great example of this is when we manufactured and supplied Siberian larch timber- clad panels for a new build project in Glasgow. This project also utilised our CNC machining expertise to shape the rear insulation to fit inside a rear aluminium feature tray. The timber-clad panels met the architects design aspirations and provided the building with a high level of thermal performance. The Siberian larch timber-clad panels were also a popular choice for a more recent new-build project in Wells, Somerset. The panels were fabricated with a Styrofoam core, to achieve a U Value of 0.34 W/m2K.

With our extensive manufacturing facilities, we provide effective timber clad solutions that achieve the required thermal performance, acoustic, and fire retardancy aesthetics of a project.

If you would like to discuss a project’s timber cladding requirements further, please get in touch by calling 0114 275 2881 or email sales@panelsystems.co.uk

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