Cosplayer is Craftfoam competition winner!

Sammi McSporran is the lucky winner of the competition to win a box of Craftfoam worth £90!

Sammi from Telford is a keen Cosplayer (where players wear costumes and accessories to represent a particular character) and regularly uses Craftfoam for creating props and armour. Her top tips are always to test paints and glues on offcuts of Craftfoam first to make sure you get the desired result.

Sammi McSporran said: “I was surprised but really pleased to be chosen as the winner. I use Craftfoam all the time for making my creations. My advice is to let your creativity run wild as there’s very little that you can’t make with Craftfoam! I’m looking forward to experimenting and being able to make even more of my Cosplay creations!”

Danny Phelan, Sales Manager for Craftfoam, said: “I’d like to congratulate Sammi on winning the competition. It’s great that the prize has gone to someone with such great flair and imagination for how Craftfoam can be used!” There is no limit to the use of Craftfoam, whether it is for an architectural project, event, corporate occasion or school project.

Craftfoam is made from extruded polystyrene, which is rigid and strong, yet the uniform closed cell structure of the material guarantees the best finish for any craft or modelling project. It has a smooth surface, which is ideal for painting and is also suitable for use with some resins and pastes. Craftfoam is known for its versatility as it can easily be cut, shaped, moulded and modelled using a variety of different tools. This has made Craftfoam hugely popular with both hobbyists and professionals alike as it places almost no restraint on creativity.

Customers can order Craftfoam online, with a range of different sheet sizes and thicknesses and a choice of either blue or green coloured material providing a solution, whatever the project may be.

For more information about Craftfoam, visit or telephone 0114 249 5626.

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Cosplayer is lucky Craftfoam winner

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