The many different uses of Craftfoam

As part of our spotlight on our Foam Fabrication & Distribution Division, our latest blog focuses on the many uses of Craftfoam – a highly versatile material made out of extruded polystyrene.

Craftfoam is often specified where there is a requirement for a reliable and strong, yet lightweight material. Here are a few applications where Craftfoam is widely used, due to its unique properties:

Because of its unique properties, Craftfoam has been the material of choice for architects for many years. Its uniform, small cell structure and smooth surface is ideal for creating highly detailed 3D models.

It is available to buy in various sheet sizes and thicknesses and can be used with drills, routers, carving tools, hand or powered knives and saws, and adhesives – offering architects huge design possibilities.

Crafts & Model Making
Craftfoam is renowned amongst crafters and model makers for being the perfect material to create even the most complicated projects. It can be cut, sanded, planed and painted – you can even add decorative effects to make your project that little bit more memorable.

Take a look at some fantastic examples of crafts and models which have been made with Craftfoam, here. This includes everything from War game scenery to life-size Craftfoam costumes!

Last month, we revealed that the University of Sheffield is using the material to construct thermal chamber moulds for use within ground breaking research projects. Moulds, like the ones created by the University of Sheffield, are often constructed with materials made with extruded polystyrene as they are easy to work with, safe to handle and extremely strong, yet light in weight.

The material is a cost effective solution for advanced engineering and can be cut and shaped easily.

Craftfoam is easy to buy from our website, and can be delivered to any location in the UK – or you can collect it from our dedicated warehouse in Sheffield.

If you would like any more information on Craftfoam, please contact 01909 774 914 or email

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