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What is Craftfoam and How Is It Used?

Craftfoam may be simple to look at but it’s an incredibly versatile material used for a highly diverse range of purposes. As suppliers of Craftfoam, we know that both individual purchasers and company clients are constantly finding innovative new ways to use it.

With an in-house cutting service and a team of experts, we’re able to deliver Craftfoam quickly and reliably anywhere in the UK. This guide discusses the main uses of Craftfoam, including what it is to help you determine whether it’s the right material for your project.


In this guide: 

What is Craftfoam?

Craftfoam is made from Extruded Polystyrene (XPS). This process creates a closed-cell, rigid foam sheet, with high mechanical performance.

The way Craftfoam is made ensures that it’s a durable modelling material, with compressive strength that adds to its lifespan. This can be a massive plus for 3D commercial models or hobby projects that need a good level of resilience.

What are the main properties and benefits of Craftfoam?

Craftfoam has a range of properties and benefits that make it perfect for use within a wide range of projects and crafts.

Strength and high rigidity

Craftfoam’s small, uniform cell structure means that it is a rigid material with substantial strength, yet it’s easy to cut and manipulate. The material can be used to create a wide range of models and features without losing its rigidity.


Although Craftfoam is extremely strong, its structure also means that it is incredibly lightweight with a density of approximately 33kg/m3. This makes it easy to cut and shape while holding its shape brilliantly. Craftfoam is highly adaptable and easy to work with, without compromising its structural integrity. It also has an incredible weight to strength ratio.

Easily cut, sanded and planed

A Craftfoam sheet can be extensively handled and even sanded and planed, without fracturing, tearing or shredding. The material can be cut using standard hand tools, making it versatile to work with.

In addition, Craftfoam’s smooth surface makes it easy to paint with a smooth finish.

Easily bonded to other materials

Craftfoam can be bonded to other materials using a standard PVA glue or another non-solvent based adhesive.

What are the applications of Craftfoam?

Commercial uses of Craftfoam include:

  • Architectural model making
  • 3D products
  • Product design prototypes
  • Building or locality simulations

One of the main ways in which Craftfoam is used in industry is to form the basis of prototypes.

It is also used in the following ways:

Businesses – use Craftfoam to create window displays and point of sale displays.

Florists and cake makers – Craftfoam is the perfect material for stands and cut outs to display floral displays and cakes.

Schools and colleges – Craftfoam is used to support arts and technology lessons and so students can learn 3D modelling techniques.

Fun foam projects for kids – Craftfoam cuts easily and offers hours of creative fun model making or building layered artwork.

Home craft projects – this includes creating landscapes for wargame and railway modelling which is the perfect opportunity to use Craftfoam to create robust but intricate details and features.

Christmas decorations – Craftfoam is perfect for creating Christmas decorations, as well as displays and event adornments for weddings and other special occasions.

Art installations – Craftfoam even finds its way into art installations, as this versatile material can provide lightweight support, changing its appearance to fit with any aesthetic theme.

How do Panel Systems supply Craftfoam?

At Panel Systems we can cater to both small and bulk orders of Craftfoam and will always use our expertise and knowledge to help meet your needs when making your order. Here are just some of the benefits of using Panel Systems as a Craftfoam supplier.

Available in a range of sizes and thicknesses

We sell Craftfoam in a range of thicknesses from 3 to 150mm, and in standard sheet sizes:

  • 600mm x 600mm
  • 1200mm x 600mm

Both sheet sizes are packed in boxes of the same size x 300mm high

In addition, we’re happy to quote for bespoke sizes of Craftfoam in any thickness.

Supplied in grey or green or white

Our Craftfoam sheets are available in both grey, green and white but, once you have created a model or project, it can be painted to any colour you wish.

Delivered throughout the UK

When you order Craftfoam from Panel Systems, it can be delivered to any UK address. It is sold in boxed amounts and our minimum order is one box. Once you have ordered your Craftfoam, it is delivered to your door by a carrier.

As well as supplying this modelling material directly to home crafters and schools, we are also wholesalers of Craftfoam. We would be delighted to quote to supply large orders or regular deliveries of Craftfoam.

Bespoke sizes on request

If the sizes we supply do not fit your needs, we can provide bespoke thicknesses and sizes on request. Our team of experts will do everything they can to find the material to suit your needs.

If you’d like to find out more about ordering Craftfoam or find out more about whether it can be used for your project, please contact our expert team today.

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