Ravatherm XPS is a versatile high-performance extruded polystyrene insulation. Ravatherm XPS is available in a range of grades to meet the needs of buildings, temperature controlled trailers and architectural panels.

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About This Guide

This guide will look at the benefits and applications of Ravatherm XPS and its suitability for a wide range of applications.

Key benefits of Ravatherm XPS

Ravatherm XPS (formerly known as Styrofoam) has a number of properties that make it suitable for use across a range of applications including building, structural panels and temperature controlled trailers.

Thermal Conductivity Performance and U-values

Thermal conductivity of a material is known as the K-value and is a means to determine how effective a material is as an insulator. The lower the K-value the better. 

Thermal resistance (R-value) is a measure of heat flow through a material and is a function of material thickness and the K-value. When designing a structure, the R-value for each element of the structure is determined and summed to formulate the total resistance (Rt) of the structure. The reciprocal of Rt represents the U-value of the structure. With it’s low thermal conductivity and range of thickness Ravatherm XPS is designed to achieve U-values for a range of building elements.

Water/Moisture Resistant

The long-term performance of an insulation material requires a closed cell structure. This ensures low water absorption to prevent thermal conductivity degradation. Ravatherm XPS is a 100% closed cell material and will provide long term insulation as a result of it’s low water absorption. Ravatherm XPS is resistant to performance degradation as a result of freeze/thaw cycles.

Excellent compressive strength

In load bearing applications such as floors, it is vital that the insulation is capable of handling the design loads. Ravatherm XPS offers a range of compressive strengths to meet the needs of heavy loads.


Ravatherm XPS is an extruded polystyrene. Polystyrene is fully recyclable via a range of different technologies including incineration and remelting.

Services offered by Panel Systems

Ravatherm XPS can be used for a huge range of applications and is supplied in a number of forms to meet project requirements. Panel Systems is able to supply and cut Ravatherm XPS in a number of ways and forms.

Hot Wire Cutting of Ravatherm XPS

Panel Systems is able to hot wire cut Ravatherm XPS blocks to a range of thicknesses between 3mm and 160mm to suit customer requirements and bespoke projects. In addition to cutting blocks to the desired thickness, it is also possible to cut the material vertically to fit even more applications. Cutting tolerances are +/- 0.5mm.

Applications for hot wire cut Ravatherm XPS sheets include:

  • Sandwich panels
  • PVC door U-panels
  • Underfloor heating
  • Vehicle bodies
  • Lightweight furniture panels

Sanding of Ravatherm XPS

Where closer tolerances are required, for instance bonding thin skins, Panel Systems offer a sanding service with improved tolerance to +/- 0.25mm.

Grooving of Ravatherm XPS

When manufacturing large panels for temperature controlled vehicles and where a hot-wire cut sheet is required, Panel Systems is able to groove sheets to improve the laminating performance of the Ravatherm XPS.

CNC Machining of  Ravatherm XPS

Panel Systems offer a full CNC machining service of Ravatherm XPS. We have extensive CAD/CAM software capability to support four CNC routers, two of which are 5-axis. Typical markets include machining of grooves for hot water underfloor hearing systems, 3-D shapes for OEM markets and modelling applications.

Ravatherm XPS Product Options & their applications

In addition to Ravatherm XPS sheets that can be cut to size, Panel Systems also supplies the materials in a number of other forms to suit a variety of applications.

Ravatherm XPS blocks

While Ravatherm XPS can be supplied as cut sheets to suit individual projects, Panel Systems also supplies the material in blocks which are supplied at their natural thickness, with no cutting required.

These blocks can be supplied for a number of uses in which customers require a lightweight structural foam. Applications include:

  • Engineering prototypes
  • University research
  • Model making and prototypes
  • Theatre props
  • Point of display

Ravatherm XPS Flooring Grade

Due to its extremely high compressive strength and insulation qualities, Ravatherm XPS is supplied for flooring applications. Flooring grade Ravatherm XPS foam is available in a number of compressive strengths to make it suitable for the loading requirements of individual projects. For example, a domestic project would require far less strength than the floor of a factory which must support heavy machinery.

Flooring grade Ravatherm XPS can also be used for:

  • Basement floors
  • Under slab floor insulation

Ravatherm XPS Roofing Grade

Ravatherm XPS is commonly used in the building of flat roofs and other roofing structures. It’s thermal performance and resistance to water and frost make it ideal for this purpose.

Roofing grade Ravatherm XPS is commonly used for:

Inverted flat roofs & roof terraces

When installed as part of an inverted flat roof or roof terrace, Ravatherm XPS provides protection against UV radiation, protects the waterproofing layer of the roof from temperature variations and helps to prevent degradation caused by extreme weather conditions.

Car park decks

Ravatherm XPS boards provide high strength and durability for car park decks which are exposed to much higher static and dynamic loads than other roof terraces.

Ravatherm XPS RTM Grade for Refrigerated Trailers

Ravatherm XPS is the core material recommended for the sandwich panels used to construct the walls, roofs and floors of refrigerated vehicles.

It allows the truck bodies to be effectively insulated whilst helping to keep the weight of the vehicle as low as possible in order to save on fuel consumption and ensure that the vehicle is constructed with long-lasting materials which will last for a number of years.

Craft foam

Craft foam is made from Ravatherm XPS sheets and can be used for a wide range of craft applications. The material’s small, uniform cell structure makes it perfect for cutting into with modelling tools in order to create three-dimensional models.

Why use Panel Systems as a supplier of Ravatherm XPS?

End-to-end knowledge, experience and service

Panel Systems offers customers an exceptional end-to-end service, from manufacturing a unique product, to cutting it to the correct size and ensuring it can be installed effectively, our expertise allows us to take care of every detail.

Bespoke projects 

Aside from the applications and services listed above, Panel Systems is able to work closely with customers to discuss the needs for bespoke projects. With a range of services available on-site, we can cut materials to any shape or specification so, if you feel you have a use for Ravatherm XPS that is not listed here, please get in touch with our expert team to discuss your needs.

CAD/CAM Capability

Panel Systems IT capability includes CAD – Alphacam, 3-D Software – Solidworks and materrial optimisation – Magicut. This minimses machining and protyping costs with new or ongoing projects.

High-quality & reliable service

With access to the materials and cutting services under one roof, it means Panel Systems is able to ensure that project deadlines and specifications are met. Without the need to outsource a cutting service, we are in full control of the project timeline. In addition, access to the latest technology allows us to provide an accurate finish across all of the products we cut.


The Panel Systems team has decades of experience in the services we provide so, when discussing your project requirements, we’re able to provide expert advice surrounding both materials and cutting services to make sure your needs are met in the best and most cost-effective way.

Our team has been working with Ravatherm XPS for over 45 years so we have the ability to advise on the best ways to cut the material and the applications it can be used for.

ISO 9001 approved

Panel Systems is ISO 9001 approved which means we are certified for the management of the business and its operations. This provides our customers with the confidence that we can fulfill large orders on time and to a high standard.

Worldwide distribution

Panel Systems is able to provide the material and cutting service around the world so the projects we can supply for are not limited to the UK. 

Need more help?

If you have any questions or queries about any of the information in this guide, please do not hesitate to get in touch with a member of the Panel Systems team today. We can offer expert advice and guidance to help meet the needs of large projects or individual, bespoke projects.