When specifying a project, it’s important to understand the properties, benefits and uses of the material before installing it. It is vital to use the best insulation possible for floor insulation to ensure that you have delivered a top-of-the-range service. The insulation used under a slab also needs to meet strength requirements, or else it can slowly collapse under the weight.

Ravatherm XPS is the market-leading extruded polystyrene insulation, distributed by Panel Systems, for under-slab applications. It is extruded in the UK and uses a closed-cell design to provide a good resistance to moisture – ensuring a commercial or residential floor is protected. Here, we outline what Ravatherm XPS can offer for floor and basement insulation as part of a construction project. We also advise you on the different Ravatherm XPS flooring grades available, helping you to choose the right option for your project.

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Why use Ravatherm XPS for your project?

This versatile, high-performance extruded polystyrene insulation is available in a range of grades. It is capable of meeting the needs of buildings such as warehouses and industrial environments, as well as domestic buildings. The insulation material boasts a range of advantageous properties that ensure its suitability across a wide range of applications in the construction industry. It is hailed as one of the leading materials for effective and efficient insulation.

Ravatherm XPS can be installed prior to the concrete floor. It is ideal for new build commercial or domestic floors. Key benefits of Ravatherm XPS include:

  • Outstanding thermal conductivity performance. Ravatherm continuously measures low on the K-value scale (rating its thermal conductivity), determining it is an effective insulating material by industry standards.
  • Designed with a thermal resistance that will meet U-value requirements for building regulations. Thermal resistance (the R-value) is a function of material thickness and the K-value, measuring the rate of heat flow through a material. With its range of thickness, Ravatherm has a high thermal resistance and energy efficiency, designed to achieve necessary U-values.
  • Impeccable water and moisture resistance. With its closed-cell structure, Ravatherm assures low and mitigated water and moisture absorption, preventing the degradation of thermal conductivity. This material is a closed-cell design capable of long-term insulation that is even resistant freeze-thaw cycle which degrades the moisture resistance of alternative materials.
  • Environmentally friendly. Ravatherm is an environmentally friendly option for under-slab floor insulation, making it a popular choice for insulating floors.

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How does XPS insulation compare to other types of polystyrene?

Ravatherm is a type of XPS insulation: an effective, reliable choice constructed from extruded polystyrene with rigid closed-cell structures. On the other hand, EPS (expanded) insulation is formed from expansion and comprises small foam beads which are fused to each other in an open-cell structure. Due to this design, there are voids between each bead making this form of insulation vulnerable to water absorption and performance degradation.

Which Ravatherm XPS flooring grade do you need for your construction project?

Flooring grade Ravatherm XPS foam is available in three compressive strength grades to make it suitable for the loading requirements of most your construction projects. For example, a domestic building would require far less strength than the floor of a factory or commercial building and therefore Ravatherm XPS X 300 SB is the usual grade for most domestic applications. Ravatherm XPS X 500 SL with compressive strength of 500 kPa, is ideal for commercial floors. For cold stores or other heavy-duty spaces, Ravatherm XPS X 700 SL with compressive strength of 700 kPa is ideal.

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Why buy from Panel Systems?

Panel Systems is one of the leading suppliers of Ravatherm XPS in the UK. We offer end-to-end knowledge, experience, and service in the industry with exceptional client support and expertise in bespoke projects.

We are proud to deliver high-quality and reliable service, ensuring that project deadlines and specifications are met. Enquire today about Ravatherm with Panel Systems.