When installing a pool, either in your own property or as a contractor for someone else, it’s important to consider the right insulation material in order to make it as usable and energy efficient as possible.

This article will examine why pool insulation is so essential and examine exactly what Styropool is and why it’s an excellent option for insulation. We will also look at the benefits and properties of Styropool and explore how to use it.

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Why should you insulate your swimming pool?

Pool insulation is a vitally important part of enjoying a swimming pool in the short and long term.

  • Save money on energy costs – swimming pool insulation can help to reduce overall heat loss from the pool, making any energy used to heat it much more effective. Insulation helps to reduce the amount of artificial heat required to keep the pool temperate and usable.
  • Reduce heat loss through the floor and walls – insulation helps the pool to preserve the heat it gains through natural sources. This means excess energy will not be used to gain heat that could be lost through poor or lacking pool insulation.

What is Styropool?

Styropool is made from Ravatherm XPS (formerly known as Styrofoam), an extruded polystyrene foam-based insulation made from a closed cell structure. This structure means that Ravatherm XPS is lightweight but boasts a range of fantastic insulating properties.

It has low thermal conductivity and also low water absorption, making it ideal for a range of use, such as summerhouse insulation, floor insulation as well as pool insulation.

Available in three different compressive strength grades, Styropool is designed to suit a range of projects and can be supplied in the thickness necessary to provide the best end result.

Benefits of Styropool

Styropool is offers a huge range of benefits when it comes to insulating a swimming pool.

  • Long term solution – Styropool is a durable material that will stand the test of time, making sure that a swimming pool is insulated throughout its lifetime
  • Energy efficient – this material helps to create a more energy efficient swimming pool with low running costs and excellent thermal performance to keep the temperature of the pool more constant
  • Can be installed directly below concrete – so it is easy to use when the pool is being installed
  • 100% recyclable – this means that the material can be easily recycled in the future with minimal impact on the environment
  • Can help to meet Building Regulations – this means that Styropool limits heat loss and is fully energy efficient, helping to save on running costs and making it more environmentally friendly

Properties of Styropool

Styropool has a number of properties that make it the ideal choice for swimming pool insulation.

Low water absorption

The low water absorption of Styropool means that it is not disrupted by the presence of water, which is essential due to the nature of the application. It will not become damp or damaged as a result over time.

High compressive strength

With high compressive strength, the performance of Styropool will not be reduced by the sheer weight of water, nor will this degrade the insulation – it is very long lasting.

Excellent thermal insulation

Thanks to its excellent thermal properties, Styropool helps to retain heat within a swimming pool, which is essential for an outdoor swimming pool and will help to make heating it less costly. This is also an added benefit for an indoor pool too.

Environmentally friendly

Styropool has the added benefit of having an Ozone Depletion Potential of zero and Global Warming Potential below five. This means that it is not only energy-efficient, but it does not contribute to further climate change, making it the best ethical consumer choice around.

Available in a range of grades

Styropool is available in three different grades which means it can meet the needs of a wide range of swimming pool types and sizes. The grades and properties include:

GradeCompressive StrengthDesign Load
Styropool 300300 kPa130 kPa
Styropool 500500 kPa180 kPa
Styropool 700700 kPa250 kPa

How to use Styropool

Styropool can be installed below the structural element of the pool due to its high compressive strength. This will also create a heat sink so, once it reaches the required temperature, the pool will have much slower heat loss when the heating source is turned off.  It’s important to know that the closer Styropool is installed to the heating source for the pool, the faster the insulation will respond to help the pool temperature rise faster.

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