If you already have a garden summerhouse or you have plans to build one from scratch, having the right insulation in place should be a top priority. With so many options on the market, choosing suitable insulation for the wall, floor and roof of your garden building can make a huge difference to the way you use it. Keeping the interior cool during the summer and warmer during coolers weather, the best insulation materials can make your outdoor summerhouse much more functional for day-to-day usage.

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What is summerhouse insulation, and why is it so important?

Insulation can often be forgotten about when it comes to summerhouses or any garden building. With the ability to retain heat in the winter and provide a cool space in the summer, finding the best insulation material can instantly make your contemporary summerhouse much more usable at any time of the year.

More and more people now use summerhouses as relaxing spaces, office and even gyms or playrooms. So, insulating your summerhouse can make it much more versatile. While installing insulation within your summerhouse isn’t a must, if you’re planning to use it all-year round, investing in insulation can help with savings on heating and cooling, especially if it is a wooden summerhouse or you are upgrading your garden shed.

What insulation does Panel Systems supply?

If you’re looking to invest in high-quality, affordable insulation when building a summerhouse or garden building, Panel Systems has two different options you may want to consider. These are:

ECO-warm XPS insulation

A versatile and flexible solution for summerhouse insulation, ECO-Warm XPS can be used in the walls, floor, and roof of your garden summerhouse.

Properties of XPS insulation for summerhouse insulation

XPS insulation has a number of benefits when it comes to summerhouse insulation, including:

  • Excellent thermal insulation properties – make this XPS insulation effective for both hot and cool temperatures, helping keep the room comfortable all year round. Not only does the ECO-Warm XPS prevent heat loss from inside your garden room but also helps to prevent warmer temperatures from heating it up too much.
  • Suitable for use as underslab insulation, roofing and wall insulation – ECO-Warm XPS insulation is a versatile material, that can be used for a number of areas of the summerhouse with consistently high performance.
  • High compressive strength – means that the insulation will not deteriorate over time and can be used as underslab insulation.
  • Easy to cut – Boards can be cut to your required size either by using a fine-toothed saw, or by scoring with a knife then snapping over a straight edge.
  • Available in three thicknesses – so you can choose the insulation option that suits your needs. 

So, if you’re looking for a good all-rounder for summerhouse insulation, ECO-Warm XPS is an excellent option to choose. Due to the versatility of these panels, it’s possible to provide outstanding insulation for summerhouses of all shapes and sizes.


Styrofloor is an insulated flooring panel specifically designed to provide insulation and a floor finish in one panel. Styrofloor is also easy and quick to install so takes little work.

Properties of Styrofloor

  • Combined insulation and floor finish – this makes Styrofloor a cost effective and practical solution.
  • Easy to cut and lay – Styrofloor is extremely easy to cut and install. Its tongue and grooved edges slot together and should be glued with PVA adhesive. No face fixings are necessary. The boards can easily be cut to size on site. Full installation instructions can be found here.
  • Excellent compression resistance – Styrofloor is appropriate for all domestic areas, whether used every day as a garden office, as a playroom, or a hangout space; the hardwearing nature of Styrofloor is perfect.
  • Resistant to moisture – Moisture resistant chipboard is used in the manufacture of Styrofloor, resulting in a long-lasting solution. 

Eliminates the need for a final screed – this helps to save time and costs on your project.

Ordering and Delivery of summerhouse insulation

Ordering and sizing

Panel System’s standard range of XPS insulation products are available to purchase from our website.

If you require a custom size or have a large enquiry, please contact our sales office for further information.


As standard, our Summerhouse insulation and Styrofloor products are securely packed on a pallet.

Delivery to your door

We deliver nationwide from our headquarters in Sheffield. 

Delivery can either be as soon as possible, or you can arrange a specific date that’s most suitable for your project.

Fire classification 

ECO-Warm XPS (or Ravatherm XPS X made by Ravago Building Products) achieves Euroclass E for reaction to fire BS EN 13501 – 1. Please note: This fire classification is based on small scale tests, which may not reflect the reaction of the product in its end use state under actual fire conditions.

Ravatherm XPS X contains contains a flame retardant additive to inhibit accidental ignition from a small fire source. However, Ravatherm XPS X is combustible and if exposed to an intensive fire may burn rapidly. During shipment, storage, and installation Ravatherm XPS X products should not be exposed to flames or other ignition sources.

It is the purchaser’s responsibility to determine whether these products are suitable for the application desired and to ensure that the site of work and method of application conform to current legislation. Please contact us for product data sheets.

See our range of insulation products online today, or get in touch with our team now to find out more about insulation for your summer house.