If you’re looking to create more storage space and increase insulation in your loft, it’s important to make sure your chosen product will be effective for your specification. Your chosen material must provide a good amount of insulation, be strong and sturdy, as well as long-lasting.

Styroloft is the perfect choice to combine loft storage and insulation so, in this guide, we will discuss how it is made, it’s main properties, the benefits and why you should choose Panel Systems as a supplier.

In this guide:

What is Styroloft and how is it made?

Styroloft is an insulated sandwich panel which is perfect for creating a base for storage, or simply making your loft space more energy efficient. It can be used as a lighter and more malleable alternative to chipboard. It is used to board loft spaces, as it is sturdy and simple to install.

So, how is Styroloft created?

Styroloft boards are created with 4mm birch plywood which is bonded on either side of Ravatherm XPS insulation. This is a study extruded polystyrene which boasts a closed-cell structure and has a high level of thermal performance and compressive strength. It is often used beneath for floor structures when the main requirement is to provide excellent insulation and reduced heat lost.

As a main component of Styroloft, Ravatherm XPS provides a high level of compressive strength, which is perfect for handling the weight of storage and low level of foot traffic. It also has low water absorption levels, making it a good choice for use in loft spaces, given its location directly under the roof of a building.

When the two faces of birch plywood are bonded to the Ravatherm XPS core, it creates a robust and high-level insulation option.

Styroloft boards are an innovative alternative meets to using flooring chipboard of at 18mm thickness installed above existing insulation material in order to create a walkway and storage space.

What are the main properties of Styroloft?

Getting the right product can be challenging, with so many requirements that need to be met. However, Styroloft’s main properties make it perfect for insulation and storage in lofts of all sizes.


Styroloft boards are robust enough to be walked on, which is a useful and essential part of loft areas. However, it’s important to note that whilst Styroloft is suitable for creating extra storage space, it should not be used for loft conversions as it is suitable for occasional foot traffic only.


Styroloft is also thermally efficient, providing your loft with increased insulation, without taking up excessive space. It provides a much higher level of insulation than standard 18mm chipboard and will help to prevent heat loss from a loft space. In fact, at 18mm, it will provide 2.5 times more energy efficiency than chipboard of the same thickness.


The material is also extremely long-lasting so will not need to be replaced regularly. The insulation’s small, closed-cell structure and high level of compressive strength mean that even in loft space that is potentially prone to damp, your insulation will not soak up any moisture, meaning it will not rot and degrade.

The benefits of Styroloft

Styroloft has a great range of benefits, making it the perfect choice for your loft storage whilst it’s energy efficiency will help to reduce heating bills.

Easy to cut and fit

Styroloft is easy to handle and can be cut to size with standard hand tools. It is easy to fix in place, with one board only needing four screws (included), meaning there is no need for specialist tools.

Lightweight & compact

Styroloft is supplied in a standard board size of 1200 x 400mm (47 ¼ “x 15 ¾ “). As a result of its Ravatherm XPS core, Styroloft is very lightweight making it much easier to lift into position. In fact, our 18mm Styroloft boards weigh less than 3kg each.

It also has a high-quality natural birch finish that is aesthetically pleasing especially on large surfaces.

Save energy costs

Styroloft can help to save on energy costs by reducing heat loss through your loft space. Available in 5 thicknesses (with the lowest being 18mm and the highest being 115mm), it’s possible to choose the right thickness for each specification.

Why choose Panel Systems?

When looking for a high-quality supplier of Styroloft, it’s important to choose a supplier you can trust and who will deliver products on time and to the correct specification.

Longevity of service

At Panel Systems, our team have been providing high quality materials for a range of products for over 45 years. The longevity of our service means we’re able to cater for a variety of projects and specifications with a reliable and trustworthy service.

In-house cutting service

Our in-house cutting service means that for larger projects, we are able to provide bespoke sizes on request. This means that we can provide exact sizes tailored for your particular application. Not only that, but because our team of experts all work in-house, we are happy to assist our customers with support and technical information.

Made in the UK

Styroloft is manufactured and despatched directly from at our Sheffield factory. Boards are supplied either in boxes, or on pallets for larger orders. We deliver direct to your property all across the UK and beyond.

Whatever your loft storage and insulation needs, get in touch with our team at Panel Systems to discover the right thickness and cut of Styroloft for your specification and project.