Portable staging is used for a wide range of events across many industries. Due to the nature of the staging, it’s important that its lightweight and easy to assemble. Revostage (manufactured by Panel Systems) provides a high quality and lightweight portable staging system that can be used for a wide variety of events.

When buying portable staging, it’s important to ensure that the product you choose is high quality and that you buy it from a supplier that is reliable and trustworthy. In this guide, we will detail the benefits and uses of Revostage to help you choose the right product for your needs.

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What is portable staging and Revostage?

Portable stages are a highly popular form of staging in a wide range of industries. The main feature of a portable stage is its ability to be taken down, transported, and re-constructed with ease in various locations.

The portable stage itself consists of multiple decks, rather than one huge, inseparable platform, which makes it versatile in its construction, positioning, and storage.

Revostage is a modular staging system that offers the best high-end portable staging on the market. Their stages are simple to use, extremely compact/lightweight and have solid supports to hold their highly secure and durable stage platforms.

What can Revostage be used for?

The uses of Revostage are endless. They can provide suitable, unmatched modular staging facilities for a variety of occasions and needs. These can include:


With Revostage’s range of varying height platforms, it’s easy to build a podium with multiple platforms, each at different heights, to showcase the winners and runners up of various events.


The right portable stage can help to make a secure and flexible catwalk for numerous events. The modular nature of Revostage means that catwalks of various sizes and shapes can be created.


A rostrum is perfect if you require a simple, individual platform, perhaps for a service or ceremony. Revostage can provide a secure platform raised to the desired height and made with the sturdiest support.

Tiered seating

Whether it’s a sports match or a lecture, tiered seating may be required. Revostage can make sure that the seating is well-positioned and that each row is raised to the right height. This way, spectators will have a clear view over the people in front without compromising on the view of the spectators behind them. Revostage’s tiered staging can also be used for choir performances, either in standing or seated formats.

Staging areas

Staging areas are a designated space for vehicles, equipment, or material to be assembled before use. Revostage can create a wide area of the platform to hold as much equipment and people as necessary, with a tightly secured stage to avoid injury or damage to equipment.

Raised flooring

Revostage will help build your raised platform to the necessary height and area, should you need things to run underneath the flooring or need ample space. It can also be used as an extension to an existing fixed stage, for larger performances requiring additional stage area.

Exhibition stands

You may need an exhibition stand for your chosen organisation to showcase their products. Revostage’s platforms will ensure your exhibition is positioned to a height and width that makes it bold and eye-catching for all eyes to gaze upon.

What are the benefits of Revostage?

There are various aspects that make Revostage the perfect solution for a portable staging system:

Easy to use

Revostage is extremely easy to assemble as it only comprises of two parts – patented telescopic riser support and a structural stage platform.

Due to a lack of complicated parts, the staging can be constructed in the simplest and fastest way possible. Therefore, when setting up an event quickly, Revostage can provide an efficient option.

A modular system

Revostage is a modular system which means it’s made up of multiple elements (decks) which can be arranged in a variety of combinations. This makes the stage easier to assemble and deconstruct with minimal hassle. It also allows for greater flexibility with stage design, as even a small number of decks could allow for multiple stage shapes and designs.

Easy to store and transport

Despite being extremely sturdy, the Revostage system is also lightweight and compact. When deconstructed, it packs away into just 15% of its fully assembled size. This aspect makes transporting the stage much easier as it’s not too heavy to move around and does not take up too much space, allowing smooth transportation in a compact way.

Suitable for a range of budgets

Revostage comes with a wide range of flexible payment options, meaning it can be tailored to suit your individual budget. In addition, since the system is modular, you can add to it over time.

Why choose Panel Systems as a supplier of portable staging?

If you opt for the Revostage Modular staging system, there are multiple benefits of purchasing it from Panel Systems. These include:

An expert team

Panel Systems has over 40 years of experience in supplying a range of projects, so they are highly qualified in helping you to choose the best staging solution for your needs. In addition, they can work with you to select the right height and size for your stage.

Complete stage packages

At Panel Systems, we supply complete stage packages that are comprised of multiple platforms with different dimensions. This feature not only allows you to purchase a pre-designed stage fit for your needs, but also lets you do so in the most cost-efficient way.

Delivery throughout the UK

Panel Systems is a UK based manufacturer that supplies products all over the UK. They guarantee that your products are sent to you with the fastest delivery rates and the best possible pricing.

Try free for a week with a free demo kit

You can try Revostage free for a week by booking a free demo kit. This kit will include two decks, two risers, one Allen key and one metre of valance. This kit will demonstrate the strength, ease, and optimal performance of Revostage first-hand, giving you all the incentive you need to purchase it.

Book your free demo kit today.

For more information on the Revostage modular staging system, please contact our team today or visit our shop to purchase your stage system.