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Buying Non-Combustible Composite Panels from Panel Systems

A guide to buying non-combustible composite panels from Panel Systems

Once non-combustible panels have been specified for a building, it’s important to source the panels from a reliable supplier to ensure that they are the highest quality and fit for purpose.

At Panel Systems, we provide non-combustible architectural panels to ensure that building projects meet building requirements and stay compliant with current safety standards. In this guide, we will examine what non-combustible architectural panels are, what they are used for and their benefits.


In this guide:

What are FR-A non-combustible architectural panels?

FR-A non-combustible architectural panels are created using powder-coated or anodised aluminium on the outside and a non-combustible core of Siderise Nexus Lamella. Nexus Lamella is manufactured from Euroclass A1 stonewool material which is processed in a unique format. This involves the material being rotated through 90 degrees so that the fibres are perpendicular to the board surface. The result is a core material with superior mechanical, acoustic and thermal performance suitable for the production of bonded composite structures.

Approved Document B of the Building Regulations was changed in 2018 in order to improve the fire safety of buildings. One of these changes ensures the use of non-combustible materials in the walls of relevant buildings which must be Euroclass A1 or A2

FR-A non-combustible architectural panels are created with non-combustible materials which are ideal for use in new construction projects or if an existing building is not compliant with current fire safety standards. The panels can be used to replace non-compliant spandrel panels to create better safety.

Panel Systems offers three types of A2 rated insulated panels for glazing and curtain walling applications.

The aluminium facing of the panels provides stability and durability for the panel to ensure a long-lasting solution with the required aesthetics.

Benefits of FR-A non-combustible architectural panels

FR-A non-combustible panels have a range of benefits:

  • Compliant with Building regulations – this means they are safe and legal to use in windows and curtain walling for a range of different buildings.
  • Manufactured to meet specific U-value and loading requirements – The panels can be manufactured in a range of different thicknesses to suit a buildings loading and thermal requirements.
  • Excellent acoustic properties – these panels can be used across a number of different types of building.
  • Excellent thermal conductivity – helps to make buildings more energy efficient and help to save on energy bills.
  • Up to Euroclass A2-s1,d0 rated – when tested against procedures detailed in EN 13501–1:2018.
  • Manufactured to quality standard ISO 9001:2015
  • Excellent compressive strength

How are the panels provided by Panel Systems?

At Panel System, we have over 45 years of experience in our industry and can supply FR-A non-combustible architectural panels in bespoke sizes to suit your needs. All of our panels are supplied from our Sheffield-based facility for delivery throughout the UK and beyond.

This means that we can offer a bespoke, controlled manufacturing process so that you receive the panels at the right quality, size and thickness for your project. They are also available in both anodised and powder-coated finishes to meet the aesthetic requirements.

We carry out stringent quality checks on each and every component of the panels to ensure that they meet the required standard of the tested specifications.

Why choose Panel Systems?
When looking to purchase FR-A non-combustible panels, there are a number of benefits to choosing Panel Systems as a supplier.

Sheffield-based, on-site team
We are centrally based in Sheffield, which means that you won’t have to experience delays or restrictions that you may face when ordering from a supplier based in another country, even in Europe.

This is also helped by our team being on-site - you do not have to worry about any unexpected delays caused by miscommunication among different teams or companies.

Support and bespoke service
Our technical team is on hand to offer full support and a complete, bespoke service to meet performance criteria for specific applications. There is no one size fits all approach at Panel Systems, and our experienced team reflects this.

With over forty-five years of experience in the industry, you can benefit from our expertise, whatever your panel needs. Whether you require panels in small or large quantities, our team will be able to manufacture the amount you require to suit all project sizes.
We aim to provide quality service, and the best panels in the industry for your building.

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