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A Guide to Pressed Metal Products by Panel Systems

At Panel Systems, we supply a range of pressed metal products that are designed to complement the architectural panels we supply. We have the capability to provide different products with a variety of finishes and bespoke products to meet the exact specifications and needs of your project.


In this guide:

Pressed metal products supplied by Panel Systems

The typical applications for Panel System’s pressed metalwork include:

  • Perforated sheets
  • Cills
  • Rainscreen trays
  • Bespoke pressings
  • Insulated pressings
  • Brackets & angles
  • Bespoke punched components
  • Balustrade panels
  • Enhancements of internal areas such as stairwells and escalators

All of these products, and more, can be supplied natural mill finished, polyester powder coated or with an anodised finish.

Mill finish

A mill finish refers to the natural appearance of metal straight after it has been manufactured.

Powder coating

Powder coating is available in a RAL colour of your choice and provides a decorative finish as well as maximum protection for the material against a range of elements.

Anodised finish

An anodised finish is the result of an electrochemical process that adds a decorative, durable and corrosion-resistant finish to the surface of the metal. This is usually most suited to aluminium pressings. Anodised products are extremely durable with a long life span which makes them perfect for architectural features.

What materials can be pressed by Panel Systems?

Panel Systems can press a diverse range of metals to cover a wide range of applications. Here’s the materials we’re able to press for various project needs:


Aluminium provides an environmentally friendly material that is corrosion resistant, light and a good conductor of heat. The metal is extremely pliable and malleable which means it can be shaped and folded easily into a wide range of designs to meet various project needs.

Stainless steel

Stainless steel is extremely strong and durable as well as corrosion resistant which makes it ideal for use on architectural structures where it may not be sheltered from the elements. The material is also available in a range of finishes to provide an attractive finish or complement to architectural features.

Galvanised steel

Galvanised steel provides durability and resistance to corrosion or rusting. The galvanised surface is achieved by applying a zinc coating.


Copper is a sustainable material and 100% recyclable. The striking natural surface of copper provides endless opportunities for creativity. It is available in popular finishes such as natural green patina.


Brass is corrosion-resistant and has fine machine tolerance which lends itself perfectly to many applications in architecture.

Colorcoat LG

This is a pre-finished steel with a 200 micro abrasion resistant coating that has a leather grain texture. Colourcoat LG is competitively priced, and comes with up to a 25 year guarantee.

How do Panel Systems provide a pressed metalwork service?

At Panel Systems, we have extensive facilities with a highly skilled, expert team. We have a large capacity, LVD Strippit M-Series CNC turret punch, enabling us to offer tremendous design flexibility and material output.

Additionally, we utilise a cutting-edge 4000mm guillotine, press brake, T.I.G welding and a complete range of CAD facilities. The team has the skill and ability to offer a range of finishes for bespoke pressed metal products, and we can even provide prototypes prior to fabrication, ensuring everything is as required.

Our highly experienced team of customer service staff, CAD designers, production operatives and logistics specialists ensure we offer a complete pressed metal work service. We consistently strive for the very highest level of quality and service.

The benefits of using Panel Systems as a supplier

There are a number of benefits of choosing Panel Systems as a supplier for your bespoke pressed metal products. As outlined in the previous section, we bring exceptional experiences and state-of-the-art facilities.

Cut materials to any size and shape

No matter your specification, our cutting-edge facilities and skilled team can meet your needs with absolute precision. This bespoke service can ensure your project meets specification with great accuracy.

Access to latest tools

The equipment we have at our disposal is the very latest technology for the job. This gives us advanced capabilities that would not be provided by suppliers with less modern tooling.

Expert team

There is no substitute for expertise when partnering with a business for your pressed metal needs. Every department within Panel Systems is operated by experienced professionals with exceptional skills to ensure you always know you are in good hands.

Longevity and reliability of service

Every product we supply is made to exact specifications. We have been operating for over 45 years and our staff are highly skilled in their fields so we’re able to deliver products to specification and on time, every time.

Flexibility in design and optimised material output

With the versatility of our machinery, we’re able to meet bespoke requirements with great flexibility. We also ensure materials are processed efficiently, so there will be minimal waste for a cost-effective service.

Supply prototypes

We can also supply prototypes before fabrication. By offering prototypes, you’ll be able to see how the product will look and whether it will meet your needs before we create the final full production run of products. It’s also possible to offer feedback on products before they are produced, meaning the final product can be produced to your exact specifications.

Standard BS EN ISO 9001:2015

All of the pressed metal products we supply are manufactured to Standard BS EN ISO 9001:2015. This is a Quality Management System standard that shows how we continually improve our business in order to meet customer needs and quality standards.

In-house CAD design team

We never outsource the CAD stage of development for our products. Our in-house team has all the skills and the latest tools to produce accurate CAD design and avoid the hassle of having to work with a third party to complete this stage of the process.

A complete solution

Panel Systems has the capability to handle the production of your required pressed metal fabrications from start to finish. Our extensive facilities and skilled team are on-hand to provide advice throughout the project and we offer unparalleled flexibility to deliver a bespoke service.

Contact our team today to discuss your needs and how we can meet them.

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