Products > ThermHex > FAQs

Products > ThermHex > FAQs

Frequently asked questions

Can I buy ThermHex as a panel?2023-08-02T10:26:03+01:00

You may purchase ThermHex from Panel Systems as a sheet; however, this is not a complete panel with facing materials. To discuss facing options with ThermHex as the core, please contact our ACP division on 0114 249 5635 or send an email with your requirements through to

Is ThermHex a complete panel?2023-08-02T10:25:29+01:00

No, ThermHex is not a complete panel. ThermHex is a core material that is suitable for having other materials bonded to the faces resulting in a complete panel.

Is ThermHex ready to use on its own?2023-08-02T10:26:22+01:00

ThermHex on its own can be used for resin fibre hand lay-up. When using as part of a sandwich panel, facing materials would normally be bonded to the inner and outer faces of the ThermHex core. There are multiple materials that may be used as facings including but not limited to aluminium, steel, plastics, GRP, timber, ABS and decorative laminate.

What applications is ThermHex suitable for?2023-08-02T10:26:54+01:00

When used as the core material in a complete panel, ThermHex may be used for a variety of applications including but not limited to, wall panelling, floating floors, trucks/trailer bodies, ambulances, and boat deck reinforcement. Panel Systems are primarily equipped for large quantity custom orders; to discuss your requirements with a salesperson, please contact us on 0114 249 5626 or send an email through to

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