Styropool and Building Regulations

Building Regulations Part L1A 2010 requires a swimming pool that is part of a dwelling to achieve a minimum thermal performance, equivalent to a U value of 0.25 W/m2K. The U Value is derived from a combination of variables including:

Ground Type

Differences between soil type may impact on the calculation.

Pool Construction Method

Every material component contributes to the overall U value, and this will vary from project to project.

Structural Demands

This will determine the grade of Styropool and its associated thermal performance.

P/A Ratio

Where P is the perimeter and A is the pool area. The higher the P/A ratio the more insulation required.

Pool Shape

The shape of the pool will impact the P/A ratio where the pool area is constant.

Depth of Pool

The greater the depth the better the U value.

Insulation Location

Styropool can be installed below the structural element of the swimming pool. The closer the insulation is to the heating source, the faster the insulation will respond, and the pool temperature will rise faster but decline faster when the heat source is switched off. When located below the structural element, it will create a heat sink and therefore once at temperature the pool will have a much slower heat loss if the source is switched off.

Typical Example

Rectangular Pool: 10m x 5m
Area: 50m2
Perimeter: 30LM
P/A: 0.6
Pool Depth: 1.5m
Construction: 200mm concrete on to Styropool insulation with 100mm Styropool 300 in the walls and 100mm Styropool 300 in the floor.
U value: 0.24 w/m24K