Products > Styroloft > FAQs

Products > Styroloft > FAQs

Frequently asked questions

Can Styroloft® boards be installed over timber joists?2023-05-24T11:37:28+01:00

Yes, however the spacing between joists must not exceed 600mm.

Is Styroloft® suitable for walking on?2023-05-24T11:37:06+01:00

Styroloft® boards will support low-level foot traffic, but are not suitable for use as domestic flooring panels.

What sizes of Styroloft® are available?2023-05-24T11:37:59+01:00

There are five standard thicknesses of Styroloft® available at 18, ,33, 50, 80 and 115mm, with a standard sheet size of 1200 x 400mm. Custom sizes of Styroloft® are available at large quantities. Simply contact us with your requirements on 0114 249 5626, or send your enquiry through to

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