The Ultimate Solution to Loft Insulation

Styroloft® loft insulation boards provide the answer to all-in-one storage and insulation. Styroloft® boards offer both contractors and home renovators a solution which will help to reduce heat loss through the loft space, as well as providing a robust surface for storage and light foot traffic. Styroloft® is manufactured from birch plywood, which is bonded to both faces of XPS (extruded polystyrene) insulation.


Reduce heat loss through your loft space

Reduce heating bills

Provide an excellent base for storage or additional insulation

Suitable base for occasional storage

High quality birch plywood finish

Compact size

Lightweight and easy to handle

Choice of four thickness for extra insulation

Loft Installation & Storage

Styroloft® is a loft insulation energy saving panel, and can be used as an alternative to chipboard when insulating your loft. Styroloft® is designed as a lightweight loft lining that can be subjected to low level foot traffic, and allows you to board your loft to provide a storage area. Most customers use Styroloft® in addition to their existing loft insulation. Lay Styroloft® over joists to create a smooth storage area, and top up your domestic energy performance to the recommended level.

  • Available in five thicknesses ranging from 18 to 115mm, Styroloft® is durable, resistant to moisture and will not deteriorate, unlike other similar products
  • The boards are lightweight, weighing less than 3kg each and can be cut easily on site with no need for specialist equipment or skills

Styroloft® is delivered to your door with all of the necessary fixing screws, ready for installation.

We pride ourselves on our high level of quality & service and all our products are manufactured to British Standard BS EN ISO 9001:2015. We keep extensive stocks at our Sheffield warehouse.