Products > Styroliner > FAQs

Products > Styroliner > FAQs

Frequently asked questions

Is Styroliner® resistant to moisture?2023-08-24T09:21:20+01:00

The XPS backing is a closed cell foam and is therefore resistant to moisture.

Can I decorate Styroliner® boards?2023-08-24T09:21:01+01:00

Yes, the boards are faced with square edged plasterboard which can be decorated or skimmed with plaster.

What thickness of Styroliner® is required?2023-08-24T09:21:40+01:00

This will depend on two important factors. If the project is subject to building regulations, then there will be a need to achieve a certain thermal performance i.e., U value. For advice on meeting specific U values, please contact our sales team on 0114 249 5626. If the project is not subject to building regulations, then you can choose whatever thickness you can accommodate in your construction. The thicker the panel, the higher the level of energy saving.

How is Styroliner® delivered?2023-08-24T09:22:05+01:00

Styroliner® boards are stacked on pallets and will arrive on a commercial vehicle. Where small quantities are required then off-loading manually is likely. For larger volumes, on-site forklift facilities will be required. Special vehicles e.g. Hiab, can be prearranged with our sales office for an additional charge. Give us a call on 0114 249 5626 for more information.

Can I open a trade account?2023-08-24T09:22:24+01:00

For larger, commercial orders, credit terms may be offered subject to a credit check. complete our online credit application form and we will respond in 24hrs. Other payment methods include credit card through our simple online buying section or by contacting our sales office on 0114 249 5626.

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