A conservatory floor is an important construction element and incorporating insulation is vital. All year-round use of the conservatory will be enhanced by installing Styrofloor®.

Styrofloor® should be installed on a dry concrete or beam and block base without a screed.

Styrofloor® is a floating floor and expansion gaps must be provided around the perimeter. Floor coverings such as tiles, carpet and laminate flooring are all compatible with Styrofloor®.

Garage Conversions

The conversion of garages into a living space is a growing trend. Effective floor insulation is essential for living areas as it continually reduces costs and provides environmental benefits. Transforming the garage floor is made simple by the use of Styrofloor® insulated flooring. One simple operation to fit insulation and a floor surface. Just apply your chosen floor covering for a final finish.


Styrofloor® floor insulation boards can be laid over joists to improve energy saving in the loft space. It also provides a surface suitable for storage and foot traffic.

Summer Houses /
Garden Rooms

Styrofloor® offers the perfect solution for your summer house or garden room, providing both effective insulation and simple installation.

New Build

The design of floor systems to achieve Part L of the Building Regulations is easily achieved when specifying Styrofloor® insulated flooring panels. A range of standard boards are available for delivery to mainland UK. Depending on the method of floor construction there is a corresponding thickness of Styrofloor® to achieve your required U value.


Styrofloor® is suitable for use when upgrading/renovating an existing floor. If the floor is sound and dry Styrofloor® can be laid directly over the existing structure. If the floor is damp then it is good practice to install a polythene layer before the application of Styrofloor® insulation boards.