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Products > Styrofloor > FAQs

Frequently asked questions

Are there any other product options?2023-04-20T09:55:31+01:00

Styrofloor® is available in bespoke thicknesses to better suit the application and/or thermal requirement. Styrofloor® can also be supplied using 22mm chipboard where heavy foot traffic is anticipated. Contact our Sales Office for more details on 0114 249 5626.

What thickness of Styrofloor® is required?2023-04-20T09:55:06+01:00

This will depend on two important factors. If the project is subject to Building Regulations then there will be a need to achieve a certain thermal performance i.e. U value. In this case, refer to our Insulation Properties section. If the project is not subject to Building Regulations then you can choose whatever thickness you can accommodate in your construction. The thicker the panel the higher the level of energy saving.

What is the weight of Styrofloor®?2023-04-20T09:54:41+01:00

Each Styrofloor® panel weighs between 19.5Kg to 25.4Kg depending on the foam thickness.

What size is Styrofloor®?2023-04-20T09:53:56+01:00

Styrofloor® is 2400mm in length by 600mm wide. Approx. 8ft by 2ft

Is Styrofloor® resistant to moisture?2023-04-20T09:55:54+01:00

Yes. The chipboard grade is suitable for humid conditions. XPS insulation is a closed cell foam and therefore resistant to moisture. This therefore makes it suitable for use in kitchens and bathrooms.


Will Styrofloor® require fixing to the floor?2023-04-20T09:58:29+01:00

Styrofloor® is laid as floating floor system and therefore does not require direct fixing to the floor.

Are fixing instructions available to download?2023-04-20T09:58:04+01:00

Yes. See our installation page.

What if the floor is uneven?2023-04-20T09:58:53+01:00

If your floor is not level, then use sharp sand to fill up to a max. of 6mm. Over 6mm use a self-levelling compound.

What types of floors are suitable for Styrofloor®?2023-04-20T09:59:23+01:00

Styrofloor® can be used on most floor construction system including concrete, beam and block, and timber joists. When laying over timber joists for domestic properties, the joists should be at least 38mm wide, with spacings up to 600mm apart. For commercial applications please contact the sales department for a loading calculation.

I have a U value to achieve, which thickness do I need?2023-04-20T09:59:48+01:00

If required, we can provide a detailed calculation to support the required thickness. Please contact our sales office on 0114 249 5626.

Can I lay ceramic tiles over the Styrofloor®?2023-04-20T10:00:10+01:00

Yes. The choice of adhesive and grout should be for a floating floor and the Tile distributor should advise of suitable brands.

Will the floor construction require a damp proof membrane?2023-04-20T10:00:34+01:00

Yes, if required by the floor construction.

Will a vapour control layer be required?2023-04-20T10:00:57+01:00

No. Styrofloor® is laid without a vapour control layer.

Can I use electric matting UFH over Styrofloor®?2023-04-20T10:01:18+01:00

Your UFH supplier should advise on its suitability for installation on a floating floor.

Can Styrofloor® be cut?2023-04-20T10:01:46+01:00

Yes. Use a fine-tooth power saw or similar.

Can Styrofloor® be purchased locally?2023-04-20T10:02:11+01:00

We do supply a range of builders merchants however we recommend that you contact our sales office for additional information.

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Can I open a trade account?2023-04-20T10:02:57+01:00

Credit accounts may be considered for larger, or regular orders. Please contact our sales office for further details on 0114 249 5626. Other payment methods include credit card through our online shop.

Where is Styrofloor® manufactured?2023-04-20T10:02:34+01:00

Styrofloor® is manufactured in Sheffield, UK.

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