Ravatherm XPS X Under Slab Floor Insulation, formerly known as Floormate, is suitable for use below concrete flooring, and may be used in domestic, commercial, cold store and heavy-duty applications. Ravatherm XPS X Under Slab Floor Insulation provides excellent long term thermal performance and resistance to moisture.

Before deciding which grade of floor insulation you require, consider the information on suitable applications below:

  • Ground floors are in contact directly, or indirectly, with the ground.
  • Exposed floors form the lowest part of a structure over unenclosed airspace (e.g. a balcony).
  • Semi-exposed floors form the lowest part of a structure over an enclosed but unheated space (e.g. a floor over a garage).
  • Intermediate floors have heated space above and below.

The ground absorbs heat from floors that are in contact with or are close to the ground. Most heat is usually absorbed around the external floor perimeter where the ground is generally colder. A high soil moisture content increases heat absorption. These effects, when combined with the natural temperature gradient in buildings, can lead to an uncomfortable internal environment, condensation at external wall/floor junctions and higher than predicted energy usage.

These factors must be taken into account when calculating the insulation requirements for a ground floor. All other floor types are, by definition, suspended and heat is lost/gained uniformly across the entire surface. Exposed and semi-exposed floors suffer heat loss to air in the same way as other building elements.

Heat loss can be reduced, and at the junctions of floors and walls, thermal bridging can be avoided if a layer of thermal insulation is included in the floor construction, continuous with that in the rest of the building envelope.