Technical Information

Rock Mineral wool faced with 6mm cellulose fibre-cement building board

Board Size
1200x600mm nominal

Overall Thickness (including 6mm facing board)
Upstands: 56mm
Semi-exposed soffits: 126mm, 136mm, 166mm
Other thicknesses are available upon request

Reaction to Fire
Multiliner is Classified A1 against EN 13501-1:2019

Thermal Performance R-Value
56mm: 1.39 W/mK
126mm: 3.34 W/mK
136mm: 3.62 W/mK
166mm: 4.45 W/mK

Nominal Weights
56mm: 13.8 kg/m2
126mm: 21.1 kg/m2
136mm: 22.6 kg/m2
166mm: 25.3 kg/m2

Boards Per Pallet
56mm: 72 boards (51.8 kg/m2)
126mm: 32 boards (23.0 kg/m2)
136mm: 28 boards (20.1 kg/m2)
166mm: 24 boards (17.3 kg/m2)

MultiLiner boards can be painted without any special priming, using an alkali-resistant paint or emulsion. Under normal circumstances, two coats of paint give a satisfactory finish.

If the intended application requires a BREEAM rating, MultiLiner is an ideal solution. The material has zero Ozone Depletion Potential (ODP) and zero Global Warming Potential (GWP).