Through a proprietary continuous manufacturing process, Alucoil produces its structural aluminium honeycomb panel Larcore to fit perfectly in numerous sectors such as marine, railway and industrial applications. It is an extremely lightweight and rigid panel which is non-combustible, recyclable, insulating, and energy efficient. After an intensive R&D effort, Alucoil has managed to combine the natural qualities of the honeycomb structure with its industrial experience in the manufacturing of structural metal panels, obtaining a final product capable of offering complete solutions for different project requirements.

Larcore panels are manufactured in a continuous process with an aluminium honeycomb core with aluminium skins. The aluminium skins are coated with a primer suitable as a finished surface or for further processing including bonding, and colour coatings. Larcore panels are available in standard sheets of 3120 x 1500mm or cut to size in a range of thickness from 6mm to 40mm – other thicknesses are available on request. Panel Systems offers a fabrication service including structural bonding of additional finishes and extensive CNC machining.

Transport and Industry

New projects in marine, railways, trucks, elevators, buses, aircrafts and other applications will get lighter, stronger, more rigid and energy efficient constructions. Larcore achieves a perfect balance between weight, rigidity and non-combustible classification being an ideal material for the manufacturing of transport and industrial components.


Larcore A2 is a 100% recyclable and eco efficient aluminium honeycomb panel. Both its external skins and its core are 100% aluminium, so it is easily and infinitely recyclable. Manufactured in a continuous process with state-of-the-art technology, unique on a world level, Larcore A2 panels are the material of the future thanks to their properties of lightness, rigidity, large dimensions and high recyclability. These panels also have the EPD certificate accrediting their low environmental impact and the commitment to the environment.

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