Fitted over timber joists in brick pattern


The spacing between timber joists should not exceed 600mm


A minimum of two opposite edges must be fully supported on the joists


The panel should preferably be screwed to the joists with a minimum of four screws per panel


Each panel is butted up to the next panel with each edge supported by a minimum of 15mm on the joist. Each board covers 0.48sqm.


Styroloft® panels can be cut with standard cutting tools including handsaws. To ensure a clean edge the panel must be firmly held during the cutting operation. Styroloft® is now ready to provide storage or support additional mineral fibre insulation.

Styroloft® is designed as a lightweight loft lining subject to low level of foot traffic. It is not suitable for use as a domestic flooring panel.

Styroloft® helps you offset your carbon emissions; each time you heat your home, CO2 is added to the atmosphere. Considering products such as loft boards and mineral fibre rolls to the recommended energy performance levels helps offset the CO2 in the atmosphere by the same amount as your activities add. In this way you can ‘neutralise’ or ‘balance’ the CO2 you have created in your everyday life.