Fibran XPS X sheets are available in the following sizes:

Length x Width (mm)Thickness Range*
2400 x 12003mm - 110mm
3050 x 12203mm - 110mm

*Sheets can be cut to any thickness within the range

Fibran XPS is an excellent core material for a wide range of sandwich panel applications. The key benefits of Fibran XPS are:

  • High Mechanical Strength in compression, tension, bending and shear. Panels manufactured with Fibran XPS exhibit high impact strength and resistance to dynamic loading.
  • Lightweight – Fibran XPS has a high strength to weight ratio
  • Good Thermal Insulation – Fibran XPS has excellent thermal properties.
  • Water and Vapour resistance – The closed cell structure of Fibran XPS ensures that performance is maintained even in external situations or where moisture exists.
  • Bonding Surface – Fibran XPS has a smooth dust free surface and is ideal for bonding. Hot-wire cut Fibran XPS is available and provides an excellent bonding surface combined with consistent thickness for high quality bonding.