The very high strength-to-weight ratio of composite panels provide significant benefits in the design of caravans and motorised homes. Fibran XPS is ideal as a core material for composite panels. Its high mechanical strength is suited to the dynamic loads attached to these applications. It will also help in the design to reduce the number and cross-section of wooden inserts. Fibran XPS also provides excellent insulation performance even at low temperatures during winter months. For purchasing of material, please contact our sales department on 01909 770 312.

Underfloor Heating

XPS is ideally suited to both water and electric matting underfloor heating systems due to its high compressive strength and impressive thermal insulation properties. Waterproof, rot and mould resistant and lightweight, XPS is available in a range of thicknesses from 6mm upwards. It offers high levels of impact resistance. In hot water based UFH systems, XPS can be CNC machined to accept water pipes. The density of XPS is such that high quality and consistent grooving is achieved to ensure a good fit for the water pipes. For electric matting systems where there is an existing un-insulated floor slab, sheets can be readily cut and fitted by hand. Wood laminates can be laid in direct contact. Floor tiles can be laid using any water-based tile adhesive. Contact our sales team on 01909 770 312 for pricing.