Products > Craftfoam > FAQs

Products > Craftfoam > FAQs

Frequently asked questions

Is Craftfoam suitable for home insulation?2023-09-18T10:05:54+01:00

If you require XPS for domestic insulation purposes, please take a look at our range of larger sheets sizes here XPS products.

What material is Craftfoam made from?2023-09-18T10:04:55+01:00

Craftfoam is an XPS (Extruded Polystyrene) material with a closed-cell structure.

Can the surface of Craftfoam be glued to?2023-09-18T10:06:15+01:00

Craftfoam has an excellent surface for applying glue and bonding other foam blocks to. For decorative applications, white craft glue or a low temperature glue gun is ideal for bonding Craftfoam. For higher strength bonds, products such as ‘UHU Por’ (Solvent free) or ‘Gorilla glue – Clear’ should provide good results.

What tool should I use to cut Craftfoam?2023-09-18T10:06:35+01:00

Craftfoam can be cut easily with a serrated knife, hot-wire, hacksaw or floral knife and its closed cell structure provides it with strength and rigidity, so that even when it is cut and carved it will hold its shape.

What is the best way to paint Craftfoam?2023-09-18T10:06:54+01:00

For the best results, paint Craftfoam with acrylic paints. Some spray paints can be used with Craftfoam but check first that they are compatible with foam plastic and avoid using solvent-based paints unless you are sure they are suitable for use with foam plastics.

Can the craft foam be cut with a Hotwire?2023-09-18T10:07:18+01:00

Yes! Craftfoam is an XPS foam and is ideal for cutting with a hot wire. We use an industrial size hot wire cutter to cut the craft foam into the convenient sizes we stock. The process produces no dust and leaves a clean surface finish. Please note that some smoke is produced during cutting, so the process should always be carried out in a well-ventilated area. To accurately cut shapes, a template can be used on the face of the foam as a guide for the hot wire. This method can produce very clean results. An example application using this technique is cutting aerofoil shapes for model aeroplanes.

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