Crafts & Model Making

The versatility of Craftfoam is the reason why it’s the number one choice of material used by model makers, war gamers, flower arrangers and crafters alike. Extruded polystyrene is well-established as a model making material and Craftfoam has quickly become the product of choice for making everything from model boats and railways to architectural models and model scenery.

Craftfoam can be cut easily with a serrated knife, hacksaw or floral knife and its closed cell structure provides it with strength and rigidity, so that even when it is cut and carved it will hold its shape. With a wide range of sheet sizes and thicknesses and the ability to easily glue pieces of Craftfoam together, it is possible to make almost any shape.

Architectural Model Making

Architectural model making demands precision, strength and versatility which is why Craftfoam is the material of choice for many professional model makers. Craftfoam is well established with architects and model makers as an ideal material for creating 3D highly detailed, architectural models. Craftfoam is recognised as the market leader thanks to its strength, uniform small cell structure and excellent surface.